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  1. yet another sizing question .. do you guys typically size up .5 for the folk series versus say the FBTs or denalis? i'm interested in the yucca moc folks but i doubt anyone has experience with them?

  2. military parka - it's a good look but the pockets aren't so practical. the large bottom pockets have snap closures on the left and right with a button in the center .. all the other smaller pockets have button closures. makes getting to things just a little too difficult for my tastes. wasn't feeling the air holes either or the price for plain cotton (and a small percentage of spandex if i remember correctly). a possible buy if it's available when the sales come around.

  3. the mustard colorway of the laminaria packs definitely looked a whole lot better in preview pics than in person. preferred the lighter/beige shade it appeared to have. wish they didn't go with a white back panel - it's just asking to look ass in a couple of wears. while i dig the looks of the laminaria fabric, my guess is that the classic ballistic nylon is probably more durable.

  4. ^ they're out and they're actually pretty light, not bulky at all. quality is typical uniqlo. i'm debating on them myself, didn't get a chance to try it on, but yes, the pocket detailing is quite nice.

  5. get a dedicated camera bag, even if your dslr fits there's no protective padding in those packs. pickup one of those nikon x porter bags if you have some coin to burn.

  6. anyone know how '09 lhamos fit compared to regular fbt's? btw, i'm thinking about offing some lightly used 09 gray pastel hockneys us10. they've always been a bit too large for me.

  7. ^ thanks du. i was wondering all this time what those little flaps on the side were, wasn't sure if it was just decorative -- didn't realize they were velcro closures.

  8. question for owners of the 20L - how's the space organized? from what i can tell solely from pictures, there's a main compartment with a small internal pouch and a secondary compartment with a laptop sleeve. on the outside there's a zip pocket (how spacious is this?) and i'm not sure about the side straps/pocket (if there is one).

  9. I've got Elston FBTs as well and a 9.5 fits me perfect. I sized the same for Serra Denali's and they also fit perfect. For comparison I'm usually a 10.5 (sometimes 10) in Nike. The 2009 Vis line fits pretty damn large IMO.

  10. 78, the fit looks good on you. not too slim at all, but of course it's a different story if that just isn't your thing.

    yahia, no the leather is not treated, not in the ones i've seen anyway .. there have been many iterations of the 20L, i don't know if any technical treatments were added to older versions. i've been contemplating a 20L myself but the bag doesn't offer much in terms of organization. i'll probably end up sacrificing steez for something more functional.

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