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  1. hard to answer without more details. are you looking for a nice restaurant? bar? what's your budget?

    I am open to suggestions anything good will do, I have never been to sydney so I dunno what to look for

    Is blue mountains fun? or Hunters Valley? Any else that is cool to go with my girl?

  2. where can I find a good website with a good selection of RG collections? I cant seem to find the things I want in 1. For example the boots, the moto collar shirt and sweat pants. TIA

  3. All of this stuff seems kind of dumb to me. You go into this thing knowing not getting something is a risk you are taking, but that's what makes it fun when you do get something – you know your partner had no reason to HAVE to send you something, but they did anyways. I think that making people pay a deposit or making it all exclusive would kind of ruin it.

    I don't have a lot of rep or post that much, but I've successfully sent in 2 swaps (albeit gifts on the smaller end of the spectrum...I'm a broke ass college student, ha) and I never would have participated in the first place if I had to send some random person 40 bucks to do so.

    While the whole cliche "it's better to give than receive" should apply here, it's also more about just keeping the whole thing as simple as possible. You participate, you risk not getting anything, even if you send an awesome package.

    Just thought I'd give my opinion on the situation.

    isnt this superswap? not supergive

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