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  1. the buyer at fred segal santa monica said that the fencing jacket was ordered but never arrived. i believe that not enough orders were placed so it was never produced. i could be wrong but it hasn't showed up at any of the stockists that i know of. i was really hoping to get one too.

    fuck anyone can get a confirmation on this?

  2. Similar to RandR's response.

    I have owned a few with the leather embossed and a few without, as I stated before. However, like he said, they all will have the Dior Homme text printed on the buckle itself. It is easy to tell by the quality of the leather and the crispness of the embossing of the size/ other info if it is Dior or not.

    On another note, it is fucked that the kid ripped you off on the shipping, and he should be a decent human being and do something about that, but I don't think any kind of full refund for the belt is in order.

    Can I conclude the belt is genuine?

  3. z0mnia is super legit. My belt has the dior on the buckle, but not on the belt itself. I've seen other double wraps as well in other colorways that do have the dior on the belt, and then some that don't. All were legit. Again, it depends on the production. The one thing they all have in common though is the dior engraved on the buckle.

    Please put the pics of the word "dior homme" on the buckle its the orange/gold words

  4. ok enough of you and your possy aka gnow, jebus man

    im asking for a fullrefund bcos its not what is described, he said it will come with full box. now its just a paper package with the shitty dustbag.

    Well you see you are trying to make up all the excuses in the world, let me break down for you

    1) Low balling - Well you did low ball thats a fact, I actually gave you a $5 discount!

    2) Box - Since you like white boxes its gonna come to you real soon! Check your mail next week!

    3) Authenticity - yup the belt its genuine, erm I have more proofs, I wouldnt stoop so low to sell you a fake right?

    4) shitty dust bag - thats the original dust bag whether you like it or not

    Well clearly all this can be summarised. You are changing your mind about the belt upon receiving it and trying all your means to get a refund. (you did told me you are wishy washy) I think your claims are unreasonable thats why I am not entertaining, I am taking my stand now. I think you should take down all the nasty things you said about me. Mostly untrue words and stop threatening me. It wont do you good. I am closer than you think.

  5. Untitled-1.jpg

    Sigh its from Sydney, I keep telling him and he dun get it. Now he thinks its fake. I am sick of defending myself. If you need proof of its authenticity, I have more PMs. Other than that Cheers. You have the belt, you have just not happy thats its not directly from Sydney. you see 3 bucks so? Let me say a word of truth. You never at any time asked me where am I shipping from or where am I located? You agreed to the shipping charges. I did not coerced you. Why dun u tell them you tried to low ball me? Agreed to buy from me then change your stance last min and offered $200 or 250?

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