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  1. oh man haha. that running headfirst into pole story is too good.

    just got out of a 1.5 year relationship with a super hottie, who was also super insecure. drove me fucking mad. id be like "why the fuck you so insecure about your looks when guys always be pickin you up?"

    anyway, we were watching black swan, and she said i was watching natalie portman touch herself too "intently"...

    lol I feel you bro, my gf always complains about some part of her, want to have plastic surgery on this on that, am I eating too much? DO I LOOK FAT? WHY AM I UGLY...GOD IS NOT FAIR....anyway my gf is kinda an 8/10 in my books, she is divine in a dress just super crazy oh yeah she is a scholar too..so practically she have the whole package but build in craziness

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