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  1. I actually think that the pants cut is good for normal size people, its not that tight at the thighs, if you have stick thin thighs and legs that will be a problem. After all its Tapered Cut not Skinny nor Slim so U cant say its a weird fit. who the hell wears pants that are tight at the crotch for business? lol

  2. 069593.jpg

    Duffle Coat - M

    Shoulders - 19.5 inches

    Length - 29 inches

    Sleeves - 23.5 inches


    Shawl Collar - L

    Shoulders - 18 inches

    Length - 24.5 inches

    Sleeves - 26 inches


    Shirt - M

    Shoulders - 16.5 inches

    Length - 24 inches

    Sleeves - 25 inches


    Shirt - L

    Shoulders - 16.5 inches

    Length - 25 inches

    Sleeves - 25 inches


    Cotton pants - 76cm

    Waist - 15.5 inches

    Length - 42.5 inches

    Hem - 6.5 inches


    Wool pants - 76cm

    Waist - 15.5 inches

    Length - 42.5 inches

    Hem - 6.5 inches

    The pants I got have the same cut

  3. Hi Guys, I have the asia sizing on hand with me i have a few items so I can provide measurement. I will post after coming back. Guys currently the Block Tech is not out yet so tell me what to do, The duffle coat are out and its worth every penny man, its immaculate for this range, I very well recommend this. I'm still gonna take orders until everything runs out (my proxy fee is still 5%). Those peeps who ordered the duffle coat through me will get its shipped soon. I will contact everyone once I get back home later. Ciao

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