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  1. Konboss: looks good, just need to sag them a bit. : )

    So..... 07 Jake vs. 09 Jake.

    I have a little experience with this. I've owned three pairs of 07 Jakes, 30, 31, and 32 (Konboss bought my 32). And I just bought the 09 Jake in 31.

    In all other DH jeans, I'm 30 or 31; if I want a slimmer fit I get 30, and if I want a slightly slouchier fit I get 31. Often after stretching I get the 31's taken in a bit. So figure my true size is 30.5.

    I bought 30 through a proxy figuring they would fit, and then kept sizing up. For me on the 07 Jake sizing up to 32 was not enough. I could get them on, but they were skin tight, like leggings. In other DH jeans in size 32, I can take often them off without even undoing the buttons, so the 07 Jakes were cut ultra small.

    For the 09 Jake, I bought 31 and I think they fit pretty well. They are actually bigger everywhere than the 07 Jake in size 32. The leg and the hem on the 07 is really slim; on the 09 it's a bit bigger.

    Regarding the wash, IMHO, the 07 Jake was one of the best DH washes ever. Konboss' pictures don't do it justice. It's not some crazy wash, but it has just the right amount of contrast, fade, distressing, and color. The 09 wash is similar, but not as good. Hard to explain the difference, just overall not the same quality.

    A fit pic please in yr size 31 Jakes 09

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