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  1. they are not stretch- they are raw- thy are 17.5cms. I sized down 2 (30 from 32) I got them at the dh store in Vegas where the sa told me they were from a capsul collection got em for $275 when others were $350

    can get me some 17.5cm raws in black?

  2. dear god wasn't this zuperzwap supposed to be over in january?

    btw coldturkey is covered :o

    I got this pack of goodies! Thanks pal! I gonna love putting on weight now lol


  3. Im just going to go ahead and assume this is over with and whoever my partner was never sent...no biggie, just kinda lame.

    DUM, if your reading this...I tried to contact you to find out my swap partner last week but never heard back...I know you've been busy workin on some new projects but please pm me if you have that info available...just kinda curious if they're even still active.

    yup, I would appreciate this as well

  4. mine has the DIOR pressed in. so not sure if you'rs is fake or just different production. You should be able to tell by the quality of the belt

    The quality is just ok, looks tough but I want to be sure it isn't counterfeit. does yours even have the words "made in Italy 0077 90/105" printed on?

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342