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  1. Ok I'm a big gamer as well. Right now I'm doing my first run through of Dragon Age II. Gonna play both bf3 and MW3 when they drop.

    Need something to play after that though, i have a ton of games I haven't touched so someone recommend me something (Ive got DS 3DS, PC, Wii to choose from)

    these are the games i've got most of them i haven't touched yet:


  2. I get alot of hate for this, but I actually really dug castlevania 64 more than any other 3d castlevania game. pisspooor controls aside. but w/e you get used to them.

    Ive never even play a castlevania game that wasn't for gameboy advance/wii. (I'm working my way through Portrait of Ruin now) I have popped the nes ones into emulators from time to time but without the exploration aspect they just never hooked me. 3d castlevania is different, but damn if this game doesn't look awesome.

  3. thinking of finding someone who can make a sleeve out of the hubble pictures of the eagle nebula, have that across the bicep and lead down into the forearm with little galaxies speckled leading into a spiral text wrapping around to the wrist. I think I'll probably have to search really hard to find someone who can tattoo the nebula though. Maybe ill head down to NY to find some of the really good painterly guys. Any recommendations welcome.


    leading into this


  4. while this may sound contradictory to what i just said about the friendzone, you can get out of the friendzone. but it's much more complicated than getting from the undetermined zone to the fuck zone (lol fuck zone) it requires almost completely reinventing yourself, to the point where your personality is unrecognizable to the girl, and a prolonged period of no contact between you. So much so her first impression is that you are a completely different person. Not easy and not worth the trouble for one girl.

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