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    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    is it okay to bring jeans purchased online to the sf store to exchange in person
  2. evor1

    The Flat Head

    i feel like 36 might be looser than i want. why dont they have a 35?! wtf. then again the jump from 32 to 34 wasnt that big either. maybe itll work
  3. evor1

    The Flat Head

    ugh why are the size 34 3002s presoak i just got almost the same size as my size 32 f310s which have been soaked and washed. the 3002s fit perfectly right now presoak but after soaking i think theyll end up being too tight. do you guys think with a warm soak i can get them to stretch out back to the presoak sizing? i cant wear the f310s anymore after weight lifting. it will dig into my hips when sitting.
  4. evor1

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    will you be getting more flat head d306 size 33 soon? how does the sizing of d306 compare to f310s? my f310s have become too tight after working out. when standing up the area between the crotch and waist band is too tight. it causes the fly to constantly open up and when i sit down the jeans will dig into my hips. there is still room in the actual waist band when standing though. so im not sure if the cut of the d306 will have more room to where i should just get the same waist size or should i also size up as well?
  5. evor1

    The Flat Head

    anyone go from f310 to d306? did you just get the same size? my f310s are a bit tight now since working out. standing up they are fine but when i sit they dig in to my hip a bit not directly at the waist band but like an inch or 2 below. wondering if the increased room in the cut of the d306 is enough or should i size up 1 as well