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  1. hahaha yea jeebeebus those lag spikes were weird. i'd bet we'd be ok if nothing else was going on. i always feel a slight input delay though.

    but yea im starting to ease back in to sf. i still jump to block on instinct though cause at marvel it was usually the best option. fucking sucks.

    i still am retarded against cammy though haa.

    plus it's been so long since i played sf that i actually feel like im playing a different game.

    gouken had zero links, could not couch tech.

    but i basically feel like that's all im doing with yang.

  2. I like how crosswalks in Boston don't exist. Everyone just walks whenever the fuck they want. Most of the time they just stay on "Don't Walk" and no one cares. Figured out I didn't really need to pay attention to them after the first day.

    lmAO so true.

    i literally just do what i want in this city.

    never pay for the train just walk in, walk on crosswalks fuck it.

  3. when recording videos of online play, will chat be heard?


    the only way i currently can record is shifting my tv and putting my fucking macbook pro next to it, lol.

    plus i dont even have a headset, the one beef gave me doesnt fit. PAUSE, SUP RYAN.

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