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  1. ^master-piece





    Couple shots I took yesterday if you guys were interested in seeing them on a person.

    We got like 8 styles total but these were my favorites. Can see the rest / purchase here.

  2. The company I work for is looking for the following positions in Boston.

    · VP of Technology/CTO

    · Product Manager (IT project manager)

    · UX Engineer

    · (5+) Senior . NET Developers

    If anyone can fulfill these PM me.

    Let's both get this money, haaaanh

  3. can definitely 2nd the lexdray bags.



    got to finally put it to use traveling back to nj for the holidays. the fleece laptop sleeve was super handy during security, almost felt i could sneak weed in with the back stash pockets.

    and i uh *cough, designed the lining.

    F LE X

  4. 1) that was the car I learned to drive in , bitch :)

    2) I haven't purchased a prebuild PC in years. DIY fo lyfe

    3) This is my current workstation, and I can turn the LEDs on and off from software:


    (the dell next to it is something I scavenged from work and is a 4TB fileserver)

    4) Even compaq sells 24" slick looking displays: http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/display/display/1/storefronts/XP599AA%2523ABA

    It was inevitable and you know it. I blame blm14.

    damn you riced the fuck outta that.

    where's your NOS sticker

  5. 1) I consider using a computer on the internet at least as dangerous (if not more so) than driving a car. When people want to drive a car, we give them literacy training, supervised periods of hands-on training, written tests, and a formal license which has to be periodically renewed. If someone were to say "I just want to buy a car and have it only have 3 buttons and drive around after only having read the user manual" we would say HELL NO!

    keep driving that compaq minivan

    find me in a brushed aluminum aqua type bitch. 24' cinema displays.

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