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  1. haha sounds like a great story man, i've never been near to drink a whole bottle of vodka, though i did manage to empty a Minttu bottle, but that's just 50cl. I know some people who can empty a whole bottle of vodka, but never in that short of time, they need a whole evening at least and after that they are completely beaten.

    that vid though, it didn't surprise me they were russian guys... those guys sure can drink and what's even more fun is that they are probably doing it in school, fucking idiots

  2. Thanks for the update begs, but knowing it was ticks actually makes that the second most uncomfortable picture since "every hair implant on my head is filled with pus" picture. *Shiver*

    seriously. I will never forget that picture of the head. holy shit that is the most disgusting thing i've ever seen.

  3. Rome shouldn't be a problem with finding nice cafes or small shops. Berlin I don't know about, but I don't think the cafe-culture is as large as in Rome, Though you're definitely gonna find some speciality shops. The only place worth visit in denmark is copenhagen, it's great city and you can find a lot of different cultures without going too far. In sweden you should go to stockholm of course, gothenburg is probably the city with most cafes, I live here and there's a cafe in every corner.

  4. great stuff guys!

    xcol - haha never heard of someone using a nikon lens on a canon body ( i'm a noob), didn't know that was possible.

    dijjonnaise - they look really good. i'm going to shanghai for 3 months next year and it is photos like that(!) I want to take. photos with a nice story

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