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  1. another esl flashback


    so in 99 when i was young n new to Amerca i had the leisure of playing connect 4s n talking about my American experience w esl lady. we discussed many topics despite the severe poverty of my english language. one day she asked about what cartoons i liked to watch n of course i was weird n thought 'doug' was cool so i told her that but because of aforementioned poverty of my english language i said my favorite was 'dung' which i knew was wrong right after i said it from reading her facial expression (the esl lady)

  2. im a b- student of life pretending to be a b+ student of life life



    i was esl (surprise surprise) elementary school student. in chorus class this one girl had a really fat butt n one day i pulled the chair on her bc i thought it would cushion her fall. didnt get caught (we were singing rockin robin)

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