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  1. I don't have much space left, so I have to start clearing out the shit I never wear...

    1) Dior Homme bee t-shirt -- sz small -- worn twice -- 17" pit to pit -- 26" back of neck to bottom of shirt -- SOLD LIKE A CHEAP SLUT

    2) Cheap Monday double collar shirt -- sz small -- never worn-- 17" pit to pit -- 27" back of neck to bottom of shirt -- $SOLD$

    3) Just another Rich Kid "Fuck Gucci" shirt -- sz medium -- small hole near tag-- 17" pit to pit -- 26.5" back of neck to bottom of shirt -- $25

    *really thin & soft cotton. was originally $60.*



    4) Just another Rich Kid "Holden Caulfield" shirt -- sz. medium -- great conidition -- 17" pit to pit -- 26.5 bakc of neck to bottom of shirt -- $25



    5) Nom de Guerre cardigan -- sz. small -- worn once -- 19.5" pit to pit -- 25.5" back of neck to bottom -- REDUCED $100

    *two pockets on either side near bottom. really nice cardigan. charcoal/navy in color.*



    6) Corpus winter jacket -- sz. small -- bought 2nd hand from a superfuture member -- 18.25" (or so) pit to pit -- 32" back of neck to bottom -- BLOWOUT SALE $65 !!

    *really warm. great looking. professionally dry cleaned & buttons tightened.





    7) FOR TRADE ONLY: Martin Margiela leather jacket. Basically this is an interest check to see if someone would want to trade for another jacket of the same quality. I bought it for around $3200, have worn it a few times- but I'm looking for a black leather. sz. 46 (36), amazingly soft leather, satin interior, etc...

    *color was extremely hard to photograph. it's like a pumpkin/reddish color. very unique & looks fantastic in person.

    SALE: $1200 (+pp fees)






    8) Hare white perforated leather shoes --sz 43 (9) -- worn maybe twice out -- $75 --





    9) Hugo Boss patent leather loafers -- sz. 41 -- worn about times -- they're sick looking with light(er) washed jeans -- REDUCED $80





    10) Dolce & Gabbana fine wale cordouroy pants -- sz. 28 -- never worn -- 30" inseam -- REDUCED- $40





    *everything is negotiable, so send offers, however I'm not UNICEF- don't lowball me*

  2. PDX might be getting a decent mens store, I hear...

    all mens (about time...)

    brands such as:

    nom de guerre

    costume national

    Band of Outsiders


    helmut lang



    raf simons

    & maybe even Alexander McQueen

    & more I guess, I don't really know

    I hope this is true

  3. that wouldnt work on a vigorelli though as the forks are the wrong shhape the clamp ons only work on round forks.

    damn... that would of worked perfect. Luckily I have a 1 1/8" fork on my current frame that I'm just going to swap over. carbon fiber around 35mm rake Felt fork off of a dispatch. I'll then just take off the vigorelli fork, take them both to a painter & have them replicate the cinelli on the felt. I guess that's my only option here

  4. anybody have any ideas as to what fork I might put on a cinelli vigorelli frame to make it capable of a front brake? I was thinking to just get any lighter fork, then have it painted to resemble the existing fork, but maybe one of you has an idea of a front brake drilled fork that would look nice on the vigorelli

  5. anyone have any advise to give me regarding switching a drop bar to a straight bar on my felt dispatch? I'm thinking I'm going to keep just the rear brake, but I'm not sure on how to mount the lever, after I take off the drop bars

  6. wow this thread moved fast today. but it was fun watching Montreal insist that everyone else knows nothing about watches, digging himself deeper and deeper while all he had to do was a quick google search on seiko. dude actually thought seikos were all quartz? maybe he was confusing casio (which i'm guessing even also has a couple autos)?

    but i do agree with him over tmccarthy41 that the navitermer isn't tacking and most of the bentlys are.

    tmccarthy - your collection is expensive, and that's about the only complement i can give it. i'm definitely jealous of it, but with the exception of the AP (which design's i happen to find ugly), it's like you read a watch article in GQ, realized you were loaded, and bought every watch they told you was nice. and now you have what every i-banking douche in new york has. and i'm not saying i wouldn't buy any one or two of the pieces that you have. i'd get a daytona or a uboat. and i understand brand loyalty. and to each his own, etc... but the mere fact that you have all those watches without branching out into some more interesting brands is kind of frustrating. why not get a VC, a port, a Uyssle, a Lange, etc etc.? i get the feeling (without knowing you at all, which i admit is unfair), that you won't because the average person won't know how much they're worth. getting noticed by the 1 out of 100 in a bar that recognizes a blancpain is a lot cooler to me than getting noticed by the other 99 that recognize a PAM because p. diddy has one.

    but honestly, i'm just jealous.


    I take the jealousy as a compliment, thanks. however as for "branching off" into different brands, I have. I've owned a VC perpetual calender, a Ulysse Nardin marine diver, a couple glashuttes, a paul picot c-type chronometer, a myriad of pams, rolexes, and cartiers, and many others (shall I elaborate?) I collect watches- first & foremost. I trade with others, sell mine, and buy from others. I could care less WHO has what, I buy for the fact of what I like PERIOD.

    OH, and you should see my art collection! I hear Brad Pitt collects Banksy- WOW I have a few of those too!!!

    I apologize that your income prohibits you from buying some of the watches I own, don't hate, champion- appreciate.


  7. I'll start with this-


    (as seen a few pages back in the collections page). I recommend this watch to anyone with the means to purchase it. By far the best design (in my opinion) of any other watch in the past century, and with a name like audemars piguet, you get top notch quality.



    of course I have a u-boat... Don't wear it at all, but looks cool. I'd recommend it if you want a huge 50mm+ diameter watch.



    As for panerai, well- I love them. I have a 183g pam radiomir, a 177 titanium, and the all elusive 127 "fiddy", which beyond the Audemars, is my favorite watch!

    hope that helps

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342