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    PM me with your best offer


    Alexander McQueen “Brad Pitt Shirt”. Worn once, dry cleaned once. Button short sleeve cuff, nice deep blue color. Originally paid like $285. Size 48 (US 38, fits small)

    FINAL SALE: $75 Shipped in CONUS (I won't go ANY lower)




    Hugo Boss patent black slip ons. Sz. 41 worn a few times. Originally $3 something





  2. I used to have the rubberclad, it was a fantastic watch- I'd get that one.

    as for getting a sandwich dialed pam for under $3k (usd), I don't think you'll find a 111 for that price point, however I've seen 112's go for around $3000, not much less- but you can find one in the range.

    check out paneristi.com

  3. thick bezel markers, and the date font seems to be really nice white color, and thick-

    I'm really leaning towards GEN on this one...

    whoever told you it was fake, I can guarantee you didn't have more knowledge than I do about watches. But as I stated before: this is an easy "rep or gen" decision if illkid would just unscrew that caseback!

  4. I've got an AP Royal Oak Offshore white themes, couple of pams (233, 292, 088), an IWC big pilot, and a rolex milgauss GV (green sapphire crystal)

    as for that, it's tough to tell from pics of the back, but the engravings are good (not laser etched- on the clasp) which is good.

    any pics of the dial side?

  5. ok here's my take on this-

    with seeing just 1 picture of the front/dial of the watch. The reps I've seen (automatic reps that is) have the date wheel sunken in the date window. This seems to be flush (or very close) to the dial, which is a good thing. Also the numbers of the bezel are thick, not thin (like the rep).

    SO- just by going off of that, it looks legit to me. However I'd need to see some more pics to make a 100% decision on it.

  6. you don't need any special "tools"

    just get an eyeglass repair kit, and use the small flat-head screwdriver. it's simple

    dude this is soo easy to figure out... Just take like 5 decent pictures of the watch, I can authenticate it for you, without a doubt- very very easily. Then this little public quarrel can be locked up

  7. I've been a watch collector for a number of years, and I've bought my girlfriend a few j12's over the past couple years. I know movements, and could easily authenticate this for you in 5 seconds.

    take some decent pics of it (unscrew the back plate and take it off to verify the movement). We'll find out it's authenticity status immediately. The movement never lies

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