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  1. Usually the unrelated majors have a much higher learning curve in regards to the software, and get pigeonholed into doing an entire project with little knowledge of technology readily available to them...

    So for instance- when I'm at the stage of putting my design into the 3d world via rhino/grasshopper or whatever other 3d modeling program I use, the unrelated majors struggle to do the same in sketch up, or some other program- and since the learning curve can be big for some (or very little for others...) their boards never come out looking as good as the others that have spent 7+ years in the major

  2. Cited and fined, didn't know that.

    But why shouldn't we use 'architecture' to describe constructed intangible space? The social 'sciences' didn't appropriate the latter word just to seem grand, they did so only to accurately reflect their use of ideas previously thought to be the domain of the natural sciences. Speaking of 'designing' regulatory matrices and building network 'architectures' seems to be a useful metaphorical way of borrowing language to reflect the changing nature of one's task.

    A few things: first- being able to call oneself "architect" (in the building/design industry) is a right of passage earned from a rather strenuous, tedious, and long road pursued (and accomplished) by few that have the stamina, commitment, and motivation to take on such title... I'm just finishing my 2nd year of the MArch degree, (with an alread completed BArch + 3500 IDP hours, and 4/7 ARE sections complete)- and fuck... I'm tired, and worn out of looking/talking about building design... However, it's my life & passion, so I march on- steadfast.

    As for the user who posted the very nicely written synopsis of their justification of "architect/architecture" in the nerd-alert field of computers--- here here, I agree wholeheartedly (sp?)- right on...

    After being on Sufu for this long, and just now finding out about an architecture sub forum... Do I even dare to ask everyone's thoughts on deconstructivist architecture, and furthermore- algorithmic architecture???

  3. a friend of mine studied abroad in copenhagen and said that friendliness amongst students was much much rarer than in the us (or at our school anyway). she mostly made friends with other people who were studying abroad there. she also reckoned that was a regional cultural difference rather than the school itself. if that answers your question somewhat...?

    I'm a 2nd year MArch student who will be living a "schooling" @ DIS (Copenhagen) leaving in just over 2 weeks..

  4. 1. dior denim sz. 29

    from: ?

    wash/style: ?

    these have definitely been worn, there are repairs

    in the crotch, and in the back around the belt loop

    still plently of life left

    waist: 16"

    inseam: 29"

    thigh: 8"

    hem: 6"

    price: SOLD







    2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Cropped Pants sz. 32 (but, tailored to 28-29)

    great detailing in the roll up hem-

    awesome, high quality trouser for spring/summer

    waist: 16"

    inseam: 27" (supposed to be a cropped trouser)

    hem: 6.75"

    thigh: 9.5"

    price: $100 these pants are the shit in the flesh...

    these are great in the flesh.. hard to photograph right




    3. 3.1 Phillip Lim big pocket tee sz. small

    such a sick shirt for spring/summer - very droopy, and loose

    pit to pit: 19"

    length (back collar to bottom): 25"

    price: $60



    4. Shipley & Halmos tee sz. medium

    pit to pit: 19"

    length: 25.5"




  5. I'll be in bkk this summer, and was looking to get to a good tailor to get some suits & shirts made for work

    does anyone know of any good tailor that'll pump out some nice slim fitting suits, and shirts?

    thanks in advance

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