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  1. Last night I had a few drinks of this on my porch.


    I'm a gin drinker. When I have a whiskey, I usually opt for a bourbon. However, this angry scotch, here, could very well have changed a lot of things. It smells like smoke. I could still smell it on the glass this morning. Too strong for a quick session, perfect for sipping and sipping and sipping all night long.

    Laphroaig is some nasty shit if you ask me. Alot of whiskey aficionados swear by it though.......... I feel it tastes too fishy and smokey.

    Give me a Speyside whiskey any day of the week.

  2. Percy, if you are anywhere near northampton, I can recommend you go and visit the Crockett & Jones factory shop and also Trickers. My favorite boots at the moment are my Trickers Wetherby, which are a good old fashioned English country boot and match pretty well with denim.

    edit: this is how they look


    I came close to picking up a pair of wetherbys recently. They look absolutely brilliant.

    Do you have any recent photo's? I seem to recall that this photo was when they were quite new.

  3. My favourite brand for bookshelf speakers is Dynaudio. They need quite a bit of current though so are not really suitable for tubes.

    Agree with DDML re crap systems. I don't enjoy it as much as appreciate the experience for the perceived quality increase of my home system.

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