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  1. bummed the price of glenlivet 18 and Nadurra went up.

    Anyone have any scotch recommendations in the $40-$60 range? Dont like it peaty (hate laphroaig and dislike bowmore). I prefer fruitier, vanilla tones like mac12, balvenie doublewood and glenlivet 15

    Have a look at the Dalmore range. Beautiful drams.

  2. I'm a fan of smokey, peaty whiskies and was given this Ardbeg Supernova as a present. Like it a lot buy there are less expensive whiskies out there that I prefer such as the Talisker 57N. I visited the Talisker distillery whilest on holiday in Scotland last summer and bought a bottle. Went fishing with my dad later that day and smoaked/roasted the fish over a camp fire. Utter bliss. 2iw8tqs.jpgx0wrp3.jpg

    Ardbeg Supernova is such a nice dram! Expensive and difficult to get now.

  3. Just came home this weekend with a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail. Its long been a favourite of mine but I had forgotten how good it was.

    Probably the best whisky I have ever had.

  4. Richard Dawkins books make baby Jesus cry.

    There is very little anti-religion discussion in this book though (and most of his work excluding The God Delusion - strange). Sometimes his approach is heavy handed but he has the weight of evidence and science on his side.

  5. The Glenlivet is a fantastic whisky and one of my favourites. The 18 year old Glenlivet is something quite special - you should try it if you can.

    what i have so far, nothing special but on a student budget still some good stuff ;)

    (also have a bottle of 3 year old havana in the fridge)


  6. Not being funny but if a professional footballer can't kick any ball ever made in the world then they shouldn't be called professionals. Too many excuses again.

    Valter Birsa scored a class goal against the yanks, he had no trouble shooting with it.

    It's a round ball, what more do they need?

    I've had a kick about with the new ball and it is definitely different. Nothing that world class players shouldn't get used to after a day or two training with it though.

    It almost feels too round and smooth like a cheap plastic floater. Maybe a decent ball can't be too perfectly spherical - like the reason that golf balls have dimples.

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