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  1. this thread convinced me to finally sign up, haha. beardcom's ibanez tele is fucking awesome looking, i'd love to play it. I don't have any pictures of my full set up all together, but I do have a few shitty pictures:


    my most recent buy, early 70's hiwatt cab (probably one of the first, it has a dallas arbiter badge on the back, might be a left-over soundcity cab. It's loaded with celestion hellatones (pretty much just v30's, but that have been broken in for ~15 hours so they don't sound brittle when you first get 'em.


    there's my 1981 marshall model 2000 (relatively rare 200 watt jcm800/major hybrid amp, loud as HELL. Also pictured is my musicman hd130 and fender oversized 2x15.

    I've also got a genz benz 4x12 that sounds great with 5150's and mesa's, but has too brittle mids to play a marshall through it.


    I don't have any pictures of my guitar, so you'll have to see it like this I guess. mid 90's gibson les paul special double cutaway. Plays and sounds like a dream. The ones they sell now for twice as much because of the fancy finish sound the same.

    I've also got a bunch of distortion pedals and a broken memory man (probably very easy to fix, but I'm useless with a soldering iron!).

  2. I don't have any pictures to contribute, but i'd love to see some more cake 87 shit, I always love spotting his stuff when I'm up in SF (which is not too often).

    *edit: that whole "sketchy spot in pitch darkness" thing eastcoast is talking about blooows. I hate doing a fill in and coming back a couple days later and seeing I couldn't even color in the lines... gaaah!

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