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  1. I have a ton, rarely wear them but still buy them when I see a band I like (knowing full well I'll only wear it a couple times).


    Weirdly enough the only band shirts I seem to wear are bootlegs. A his hero is gone shirt, an MBV "you made me realise" EP cover shirt, and a really sick double-sided death shirt pulled from some obscure graphics they used early on in their career.

  2. I'm in the process of reworking my casual listening stereo set up and not trying to spend a ton. I just picked up a Sony STR-7045 and I need new speakers to really do this nice old solid state amplifier justice. The phono preamp section is such a step up from the old pioneer I was using previously. I need to give it a nice cleaning, it was kept in good shape but there are a few smudges here and there! 


    For a speaker replacement, I was considering those pioneer SP-BS22, but I am almost positive Ill be picking up the Elac Debut B5 (ideally the B6, but most places are sold out). People raved about the pioneers for being budget speakers when they came out, and the Elac's (supposedly) blow them out of the water. It's also an Andrew Jones design, and not that much more expensive.




  3. I've been wanting to buy adrafinil, but I only ever find it in powder from from sources that I actually trust, I don't feel like buying gel caps and doing all that work. I guess I should though, it seems like the way to go in the long run. 


    Been reading a bit about phenlypiracetam today, people say it is by far the most stimulating and energetic of the racetams - without really feeling like a traditional stimulant. Might be a cool substitute for Adrafinil? Holding off on ordering myself though, same deal - only finding powder and not caps.

  4. Funny to see this thread cause just earlier today I decided to revisit discharge, who I haven't listened to in years. They're still fucking excellent.


    As far as current bands, I've been really into Impalers out of Austin and Green Beret out of Boston.



  5. The last few years I've been listening to much more metal than hardcore/punk, but the last couple weeks I've been going back to my roots, listening to tons of discharge/disclose/framtid/anti-cimex, etc cause I started playing drums in a dbeat band with a couple friends. I'm fkn pumped on it, feeling 16 again. Not too into any current hardcore bands though, but I'm kinda out of the loop.

  6. 100mg Caffeine (at 9am and 3pm)

    750mg Aniracetam (at 9am and 3pm)

    500mg Choline Bitartrate (at 9am)

    1 "daily" Multivitamin (at 9am)

    1 "cellular health and regeneration" Multivitamin (at 3pm)

    120mg Ginkgo Biloba (at 9am and 3pm)


    If I'm having a bad day (tired, hungover, unhappy, unmotivated, whatever):

    1 "B complex" Multivitamin

    1-3g Kratom (Bali strain, usually)



    Curious to try Modafinil, but I don't think it will help me be more productive. Since I have high anxiety at baseline, I find anti-anxiety medication helps me focus far better than any sort of stimulant (aside from caffeine). Unfortunately, I'm unwilling to go back to taking benzodiazepines due to the tolerance/dependance factor and the potential for abuse. It's a shame, taking them does improve my quality of life tremendously in the short run. 


    It's been a few years since I've ingested any psilocybin so I think I'll be doing that sometime in the next few weeks.

  7. if it's conceptual, it isn't graphic design.

    I originally was going to post to say I disagree with this statement fully, but after reading your follow up posts I understand what you mean. Nice to get a dialogue going, if just for half a page.

  8. my pretentious interests page would say: fantasy, machinery, extreme commodity fetishism (through the fetishism of the "authentic"), micro/macro relationships, the built environment as seen within a biological system, waste, euclidean geometry, transhumanism, automobiles.


  9. With the small amount of money left over(i recommend buying the westone 3s instead of 4s so you can), buy an amplifier for your earphones because really Ifones and Ipods do not have the power enough to fully drive a pair of earphones well. This basically means that your music will be more detailed, stronger and wider. I would say its a must but if convinience or $$ says otherwise, then don't get one.

    A DIY amp which is amazingly inexpensive is the cMoy BB by jds Labs, it surpasses amps even double it's price. I recently bought their most expensive amp that hasn't even been released, its being shipped to me. Make sure to mention which earphones you'll be using it with, john'll customize your amp for it. It also has a bass boost that lets you control the amount of bass. Very fun feature


    Nice write-up on the headphones, super useful +rep for ya. However, I think getting a headphone amp to listen to mp3's is kinda overkill, borderline foolish.

  10. enemy of the sun > souls at zero

    Both are being repressed this year I believe, I forget which label though. I've really been enjoying the resurgence of 90s styled death metal, bands like krypts, miasmal, vorum, bone sickness are all bringing it!

  11. Banana Republic blank shirts fit excellently (at least on my body type, seriously perfect), but I really doubt you can get any sort of wholesale price.

    What paper do I fuck with for posters. This is something I have 0 knowledge of.

    There is an insanely wide selection of paper on the market, and you're not going to find exactly what you're looking for until you've tried some out and have a better idea of what works for what you're doing. I'd recommend going to a nice art supply store that has a dedicated paper section, and talking to whoever works in that area. Unless you end up falling on some asshole art student, they should be real helpful.

    I wish I could make some paper recommendations, but most of my paper knowledge is for use with intaglio, and it's just too different of a process to be comparable to screen printing. Most of the papers I have used for intaglio would have the ink bleed all through it, or straight up fall apart/rip if you tried to screen print on it. All I can say is that you probably want something that is above standard printing stock (24-32 lbs). Cover stock (68 lbs) as a good starting point for posters. You can go up or down from there depending on if you want thicker or thinner paper. Personally, I think 80 lbs stock (lowest thickness of card stock) is the best for posters, real rigid and sturdy. Then there's coated, uncoated, matte, glossy, semi-gloss, etc... so much variation.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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