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  1. i soaked them for about 30 minutes at 48°C from the faucet plus maybe just under 2 liters of boiling water, then to the dryer for 20 minutes
    I agree with this. There is a world of difference between a hot soak and a hot wash. Don't give up until you try this.

    My 21oz denim shrank like crazy. One hot water wash and the waist went from 33 to 31 (on a tagged 33 Lot 10 510 21oz), so you should be ok. Plus the 21oz doesn't stretch out much either (this isn't a 21oz VX denim is it?, because the regular XX 21oz denim stays shrunk).

  2. The Bondi store only has the distressed version. No more raws left. Paddington might have one in size 28, but I didn't bother to call. Apparently they've been on sale since January. "Heritage fit" I'm guessing 0105, didn't really take off here in Aus. Called around to the Melbourne stores (Prahan, Melbourne central), no luck. No one picked up the phone at the Docklands outlet centre.

  3. Interest Check on my pair of DenimJunkie DJ501XX Sz 4 (I think, there's no size tag). Haven't been wearing them much at all. Probably less than a dozen wears. Washed twice (last time before storage). I could keep them, but I've got too many other pairs to wear, and I'm not a huge fan of the bootcut. That being said, no offers please. Price is fixed. I'd rather keep them then sell them off cheaply.

    International shipping is USD$30. Shipping within Australia is $12.

    Price USD$170 Paypal please (gift or +4%)


    Waist: 17 (34)

    Rise: 11

    Back Rise: 15

    Thigh: 11.75

    Leg Opening: 9

    Inseam: 33



  4. Used my mobile (cell) phone to take some quick pics. The first pic came out pretty good, because I shot it in natural light.


    Have to remember to do that for all of them. Whites Semi-dress with Cats paws.

    The rest shot indoors with flash. Was conditioning my Tricker's cordovan bluchers (Cherry and Black). They look the same colour under flash. Once polished up, will take some outdoor shots. Gave the leather some conditioning with RM Williams leather conditioner (apparently the best leather conditioner you can get your hands on in Aus). The cordovan that Trickers use for their boots and shoes supposedly comes from a tannery in Italy or South America (whose name escapes me for the moment). When I got the shoes, it was like they were in storage for 10 years, the leather was as dry as packed Chux superwipes. It wrinkled horribly when worn (and I was definitely worried about them cracking). When I gave them a rub down with conditioner, the leather just sucked that up like a cham-wow. I've heard up and down that cordovan is a very low porous leather and that you shouldn't use any kind of cream on it, but the leather on these shoes aren't like my brother's Alden cordovans. The conditioning has really helped.


    Gave my Russell Chukkas a rub down with OB as well. They were looking pretty dry.


  5. I do put steel cleats to stop premature wearing on the toes of all mine. I wouldn't want to put glue on topy soles on. That just seems odd to me, surely it's better to buy the shoes with a sole you like, no?

    I've bought dress pairs with a Dainite sole to avoid needing to Topy, but it just isn't the same. For me, I just like Topy'ed leather soles. I've worn Topy'ed RMW boots for over 8 years, well before I got into high end dress shoes. It's just what I prefer over leather on its own. But, to each their own I guess. :)

    i hate topys

    i raised the ire of some supergay when i suggested that topy-ing his carpe diems was akin to wearing a raincoat in the shower. i treat topys like 7-UP. never have it never will

    I like 7-UP. Guess it's too late for me, huh?;)

  6. It is a good looking sole job by the way but I wonder what it is you don't like about leather soles? I walk around in mine all day.

    Personally I hate walking on leather. It feels as though if you step on so much as grain of sand, you'll feel it in your feet, not to mention how dangerous it is on wet smooth surfaces (I'm looking at you, lady who cleans the floors at my local mall). I remember my first pair of all leather soles, RM Williams Henley, and when I asked the sales guy what do I do about the soles, he said, just wear them (horrified that I had to marr that perfect smooth brown leather sole with the rude concrete underneath. Gah!) I topy everything nowadays. All of the manufacturers advise against it, but at least I can wear the shoes. No point in keeping them pretty if you don't wear them at all.

  7. 2) brown wing tips. i got these in 1986 with my stepdad (a man who knows shoes. his are all custom made, i need to photograph some of his for this place, but that'll be another day.) he spotted these and told me that i needed some "real shoes" and told me to use shoe horns with them (i listened, and that's why they are still around.) they don't have a brand that i can see but are marked "made in england" and have some hand written numbers that might be a clue as to what they are. they are fully leather lined as well (which surprised me.) pulled these out and restored them along with the cowboy boots. i had gotten these new heels sometime in the past so i didn't need to send them to the cobbler.


    They look like Trickers Ascot (which no longer are made in brown). The sizing system looks similar (heck, even the handwriting looks similar to my Trickers), and the rounded (some say blobby) front toe gives it away. Not to be mistaken for the C&J Clifford with the chisel toe.

  8. 1. how do I get my hands on some Cat Paws??

    2. How do Trickers size in comparison with redwings? I wear 8.5D for RW.

    3. How do Lone-wolf size in comparison with RW?

    If it is trickers boots or country collection. Then you should be a uk width 5 aka 8,5

    1) Any competant shoe repairer in the US can order them in. I had my Whites Semi dress done by Drew's in Oregon. Had to ship them there and back and cost me a small fortune. If you're outside of the US, say, AUSTRALIA, I'd say you're shit out of luck (unless there's someone here who knows something that I don't. You can get Vibrams and Topy's easily enough here, though).

    2) Direct comparo between Trickers Stow UK9 (5) and RW875 US9E. The RWs are actually too short for me and currently out of rotation. I really should have gotten either a 9.5E or 10D (had to get those online).




    3) Not sure about the lonewolf's sorry. You might want to ask Ed. He's got several pairs.

  9. I think these were one of the first run Dukes (with the yellow and brown thread chainstitch hem - sorry forgot to take pics of those, will later). This pair has something the newer Dukes don't, namely the Levi's inspired, jeans-torn-apart-by-horses leather patch. This is a true collectable jean in excellent light worn condition. Less than 2 dozen wears with 3 washes, you can see from the photos how little wear is on the jean.

    These are purely interest check only. Please do not message me if you are not serious in buying at the price stated. I fit into these jeans well. With my recent weight loss, they don't fit as slim as I like, but trust me, there's no reason for me not to keep them.

    Shipping international from Australia is $35 (registered). $17 in Australia (registered).


    Size 34

    Waist 17 (34)

    Thigh 12.2

    Rise 11.5

    Back rise 14.5

    Leg opening: 8.5

    Inseam: 35.5

  10. Just to clarify.... If your trickers say 9.5 in them then that means they are size 9 width 5, we don't have 0.5 sizes, we have 1/2 sizes.

    This is what happens when you keep your Stows on a shelf in the garage for a year and not wear them. I'll be rectifying that problem, very soon. Back into rotation! I had to hunt around for them for a good 30min. Gah. Anyway, Fresco, you're right. 9.5 is UK 9 on a "5" fitting. Comparo with the Alden Indy's 9E. (just ignore the dust on the Stows. Really should have given them a quick brush...)


    Length comparison. Note that the heels of both boots are lined up against the tile grout.




    Tricker Stow


    I also have the Maltons in a 9.6 which IMO fits almost exactly like the 9.5 Stow. But that's just me.

    As mentioned before UK 9 1/2 "5" fitting on dress Trickers. Here are my Belgraves.


  11. Hold on. Aren't your 9.5d trickers the same as my 8 1/2 trickers? And we are both 9e in Indys.

    I don't know. I'm a 9.5 UK in a "5" fitting (D) in Trickers. I'm definitely that size in the stows. I wear the 9 in a "6" fitting in Trickers Cordovan Blucher. And I wear 9E in the Alden Trubalance . I wear a UK 9E to 9.5D in almost everything, including RMW (9G in the craftsman).

  12. I love my IHSH-16. Best chambray I own. Love the little details, like the selvedge cuff. When I turn my cuffs up to eat, everyone sees that selvedge, they know I mean business.


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