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  1. I just submitted a bunch of invoices to clients so with some fuckin' luck we'll be helping each other out soon. Gotta change my wording to payment net 15... 30 days is way too long. Those 003s look great....

    edit: could I see a fit pic of the 003's if it's not too much trouble?


  2. Recently purchased Blundstone 062


    Finally got my Maltons back from the cobbler. He couldn't find a single Vibram distributor in Australia that had a commando sole wide enough for the boots. So he got then closest substitute. Next time round, I'll probably have to order the sole myself from overseas.




  3. something like measurement chart would be nice

    for, example.

    true waist 33, thign 12 , bottom hem 8 front rise 11 :)

    Something like that. The raw measurements for an Et811 size 32 (my size) comes to: Waist 33, Rise: 11.5, Thigh: 12.5, Back Rise: 15.5, Bottom hem: 8.75. Assuming every measurement but the waist and inseam shrinks up to 0.5in (waist will stretch back out, and the inseam can be hemmed post soak to the wearers spec.) the jeans will be Post soak: Rise:11, Thigh:12. Backrise: 15, Bottom Hem 8.25.

  4. yeah I will man, name me the size chart that you think it perfect and I will note that when I make the straight cut!

    well yeah, there is some fat Thai guy as well haha, such as me haha, I will make straight cuts after this for sure but it will take sometime :(

    I don't know if I'm allowed to link directly to retailer's size charts, but I'd go with cuts similar to:

    Eternal 811

    Ande Whall Cougars

    Ironheart 634S

    Flathead F380

    Fullcount 1101 etc. etc.

    Anyone else want to weigh in?

  5. So it's either size up and swim in the waist or size down and choke your legs. This is like a gift from heaven for skinny dudes. I can't fit into jeans with thighs smaller than 11.5 in, and I have a 32 waist. You need to release a straight leg cut of this denim STAT!

  6. Took some fit pics of my sams and paired them up with pics of when they were new for comparison. Closing up on 7 months weartime now. Also washed them again becaused they´ve been dirtyfied!

    Get the fk out 7 months!!! Will rep when it's up again.

  7. Mods, pls check. It has been about 24 hours since last post.

    I've changed all the prices to include shipping. Nice and easy. If you're not in Australia or New Zealand, these are the prices. If you are in Australia or NZ, pm me for a proper shipping quote.

  8. After losing about 15lbs, I wish they were my size too. But they have to go. They've been sitting in my closet for the last year, and personally, I'd like to see them go to someone who can really give them some good evo. I don't have any qualms about keeping them in the closet for another couple of years though. Knowing me, I'll probably gain the weight back! :rolleyes:

  9. I just wish they all weren't the S5000 cut.

    Of all the cuts that Samurai has come out with, in the end, the S510 cut is the most versatile (for me anyway). I can wear it sized up or down. Not so with the S5000 cut (of which I'm letting go of a size 33. Check my sig).

    I can only hope that Samurai will come out with some special 510 jeans next season.

  10. Two belts arrived for me today!

    My RHolmes hand tooled belt and my Tender tan belt.

    I'm gobsmacked by how awesome the RH belt is. Cheap hardware unfortunately (compared to the solid brass used on the Tender), but that can be remedied very quickly (chicago screws).




  11. More:

    Samurai S5000VX Size 33. Washed twice, worn about 2 dozen times. Light worn condition. Measurements: W:34, R:10.5, T:12.75, O:9, I:34.



    Pace 006P size 33/34. These have been hotsoaked once and worn around the house only. Near new. Measurements: W:35, R:10.5, T:12, O:8.57, I:34.


    US$100 shipped.


    Nudie Average Joe Dry Heavy Size 33/34. These are BNWOT. Unsoaked, unwashed. I don't think Nudie makes these anymore. W:34.5, R:10.5, T:12.25, O:8.5, I:34.


    US$100 shipped.


    Evisu No.2 Lot 2000 size 32. These have been washed twice and worn about 2 dozen times. Light wear. Hemmed them myself, so you might want to get them properly hemmed later on. W: 34, R:11.5, T:12.5, O:8.5, I:32.5.



    Sugarcane Okinawa 33/34. These have been washed twice and worn about 2 dozen times. Light wear. These are the red tab version. W33.5, R:11.5, T:12.25, O:8.75, I:33.5



    Sugarcane Hawaii 33/34. These have been washed once and worn less than a dozen times. Near new. I sourced the green tab myself and had to sew it on so, it maybe a little messy. W: 33, R:11.75, T:12.5, O:8.75, I:33.


    US$180 shipped.



    I'll accept offers for certain jeans. Others (and you know which ones they are) prices are firm. Thanks.

  12. For those of you who don't know, I'm in Australia which can steepen the shipping cost quite a bit considering the vast majority of potential buyers are overseas. Let me explain to you how it works before proceeding. I send all packages via AUSpost registered (meaning you get a shipping code that unfortunately cannot be tracked online. You can however, call AUSpost direct and track it that way - which IMO is ridiculous and is just going to tie up their phones but whatever). Anyone from Australia who's sold anything to anyone overseas knows exactly what I'm talking about. I can send it via global express if you like, though be prepared to be slugged between AUD$58 - $65 (with the US dollar weak as it is now, it might as well be 1:1). It's basically a bad time for me to sell, epecially since I bought these when the Aussie dollar was in the tank. Now it's strong and I'm selling.:confused: Now shipping can be anwhere between AUD$39 to AUD $48 depending on the weight of the jean and where you're located. I've decided to simplify all of that and just have a flat shipping fee of:

    I've changed all the prices to include shipping. For some reason or another people think it's going to be cheaper in "their" particular country and asked me for a quote. If you're curious, please check here: http://auspost.com.au/apps/international-parcel.html. I only ship via registered. I will not ship via regular airmail and certainly not by surface mail (you'll thank me for it). I set my prices to reflect good value even when shipping is added, but for some reason that $30 shipping price sticks like a craw in the throat for some people. When I buy from Japan, I automatically add $45 to anything I buy, because I know that's how much it's going to cost to ship to Australia. I've seen prices for similar items sold by others for more, but they sell because shipping is included. Well, that's easy enough. Please assume shipped means to anywhere. If you're in Australia, (still haven't had any yet) please pm me for a proper quote.

    Paypal as gift or add 4%, thank you. As per usual, all sales final, sorry. No returns. I will try and put up more pics later on. Lot of jeans. Assume BNWOT are basically new with no visible wear. Near new will have very light fades on folded edges of fabric (like the pocket edges) but no visible set in fades. Light wear, is basically light wear - very light abrasions in front and back, but not set in. Most of these jeans don't even have a wallet fade. I will try and get some more pics up, but I'm going to be busy next couple of days. I baby my jeans. No rips or tears.

    I had a good long think before putting these up. You can collect jeans and still keep them as functional items of clothing, but only if you stay the same size forever. Some of the jeans I'm putting up are deadstock and might never be released again. I could just keep some of them for collection purposes but if I can't wear them it'd just defeat the purpose of owning jeans in the first place. So, here we go:

    PS: measurement keys: W=waist, R=rise, T=thigh,O=leg opening, I=inseam.

    Ironheart 634SR 21/23oz Size 33. These are BNWOT. Unsoaked, unwashed. They have been hemmed to 34.5in raw (which means you should expect shrinkage to about 32.5-33).


    US$360 shipped.


    Warehouse 1001XX Size 33. These are the oxidation denim pair (as far as I know the re-release 1001XX is not oxidised). These have been hot washed once and worn about 6 times. Measurements:

    W:34, R:12, T:12.25, O:9 I:33



    Studio D'artisan SD103 Size 34. These are the regular SD, not the XX. Old style arcs and tab. Hot washed once and worn about 6 times. Near new condition. Measurments: W:34, R:10.25, T:12.25, O:9, I:34.5



    Studio D'artisan SD003 Size 33. LHT. Old style arcs and tab. Hot washed once and worn about 6 times. Near new. Measurements: W:33.5, R:10.25, T:12.25, O:8.5, I:34


    US$190 shipped.


    Mister Freedom MFSC 7161MD Size 34. Bought these off a sufu member and wore them a few times before I lost weight. I can still wear them with the cinch, but better to let these go so that they can be worn properly. These have been washed at least once by me. In light worn condition. W:35, R: 11.25, T:13, O:9.25, I:32 (can be let out to about 34ish).


    US$250 shipped. ==> $220 shipped.


    Ironheart IHSH-08 Size L

    They're a little narrower in the shoulders than I would like. I can still wear them, and I know they won't shrink, but I'd rather sell them off than just leave them in the closet.

    Uwashed, unsoaked. I've worn these about 7 times with a T-shirt underneath (so they're clean). Still stiff and crunchy - my inside elbows still get bruised.

    Measurements: Chest: 21.5, Shoulder: 17 Sleeve: 26 Back length: 30.


  13. What concerns me most with one-wash version is, when the leather patch is fucked up or you have strange fading lines from the washing process.

    I've seen the result of industrial washing machine washes. No thanks. I try and buy raw all the time so that I can gently ease them into shrinkage. One super hot wash and tumble dry to get the maximum amount of shrinkage in the most minimal amount of time. <shudder>.

    The consumer/edmond in me is freaking out that production on the 1001XX Anniversary model is most likely over (no more pre-order or notification for next run on the official website and a plain "SOLD OUT" for the missing pairs)....Wanted to buy a pair for collection purposes (yup) but depressed that I don't have the funds now to buy...I feel so guilty/disgusted at myself! lol

    Don't worry about it. In my experience, there's always going to be other (better) jeans or re-releases. Plus, your body changes. I've lost 10 lbs. I don't want to keep larger sizes around because it might send subconscious messages to my head that's okay to gain the weight back. (which reminds me, I'll be having another big jean sell-off soon, including my circa 2008 1001XX oxidation denim, which at 33 is too big for me :( )

  14. Just purchased these from Selfedge and I don't know if Ironheart mis-tagged them, but the measurements of these jeans are more like a 33 or 34 than a 32. I need to sell them and get a 31. Now these have been hot soaked and worn for one day. Still in near new condition. Get yourself an absolute bargain. The denim is freaking unbelievable.






    Price: US $Jeans returned. I'll subsidize part of the shipping, $20 international - so $ total, which is the same price as a new pair of "normal" 634S. Please paypal as gift or add 4%, thank you. I'll ship within Australia for $10.


    Please check, these are not similar to Selfedge's measurements. These are tagged size 32.

    Size "32"

    Waist: 34

    Rise: 11.25

    Back Rise: 15.75

    Thigh: 12.25

    Leg opening: 8.75

    Inseam: 33 (chainstitch hem to 33 on SENY's Union Special with black thread, which gives the leg sort of an infinity edge look)

    More pics - sizing:




  15. 301s. Truth be told I prolly don't have the right build for these jeans (muscular thighs with thick knees) but I thought I'd give it a go anyways =D

    I wear a size 32 in 634s and also a 32 in F380. I sized up one on these because there was no way 11.2 in the thigh was going to work for me. The top block on these seem pretty loose and im actually a bit afraid of them stretching too much.

    They don't look too bad. Slim cuts work better for slim people. When I lost weight, (from a 34 to 32 waist - I can probably fit in some size 31s now) the problem is my thighs stayed the same size - and I haven't done weighted squats in 2 years and I probably lost only about 1/2 an inch. Now you can size one up to compensate, but then you end up with top block problems (diaper ass etc...) or you go TTS and end up with legs looking like stuffed sausages. It's a personal choice. Most guys on sufu with their chicken legs only need to go with the waist measurement when deciding to purchase. Not for guys like us. If I went with a 301 I'd have to size up 2 which wouldn't work. Still, I'd say keep them. the IH 21oz does give a bit in the thigh with wear (more than most other jean brands).

  16. Just received my pair of IH634SB. So much for my no-more-denim vow. I ain't waiting another 5 years for a pair of these. Gave them a quick hot hand wash with just water (no detergent). Spun dry. These are a lot more black looking than I thought they were going to be. On the SE webstore, they look navy blue-ish. Size 32 is perfect. Fit pics when dry. In the meantime... pics.




    Closet hang indoor drying method.




    Had them hemmed to 33in with black thread.

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