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  1. So I just asked Sandy and here's what she replied about the 24oz RHT:

    I remember when they released the 510XX Lot 10. 21oz RHT and because of the ferocious strain on the machines, Samurai would never make that denim again!!! Then came the S5000VX 21oz. then the re-release of the 510 and the release of the S0500XX 21oz collab (2nd) and then the re-release of the S5000VX and then the S4000VX 21oz then the re-re-release of the 510 again. I'm sitting at home with my pair of 'never to be done again' 21oz going... dayum!

    No plans to remake the RHT now, but still, I'm thinking it gives me time to save up when they do. I'm also thinking that the LHT is going to be a one-off like the old 505 denim (only reason why I bought the USA model).

    Unfortunately where I am, even 21oz is too heavy for winter...

    Last time I checked, you're not living in the California Badlands :rolleyes:;)

    I sure didn't miss my 19oz 710s midwinter (July) this year when it was like 2-4C in Parramatta at 9.30pm. I've been wearing my 21oz IHSB non stop since purchase, and I wore my 710s all throughout the summer of 2007 when I first purchased them, only gave them up when I got my SExIH later. I usually don't leave the house in anything under 15oz for 3 out of 4 NSW seasons. Last summer (2009) I did the whole season in PBJ neo vintage (which is a 13.5oz - I think). I wear shorts if I'm going to go swimming. Otherwise, it's jeans or moleskins.

  2. Battery acid from my old job. Haha

    Caustic soda will also do that to jeans. Happened to an old pair of JeansWest denim back in the days I used to test pool chemicals for a living. Fortunately, none of my premium selvedge denim has ever seen the inside of a lab.

  3. how do you guys deal with your leather soled shoes/boots? do you have a rubber outsole fitted from brand new? or do you wear them for a while first to scuff up the leather a bit?

    My cobbler grinds off a very thin layer of the smooth leather sole in order to glue the rubber sole on. It'd make sense to scuff them up a bit before handing them over, since they're going to be shaved down anyway, but like I've mentioned on previous posts, I really don't like walking on leather soles. My dress shoes get topyed right away. I wore a new pair of brogues to a friend's wedding fresh out of the box, slipped everywhere on that smooth leather sole. Topyed the next day. Every other pair will get topyed before I even wear them outside.

  4. Samurai 510XX 24oz LHT

    Freak me, 4750 yen shipping to Australia! The total weight of the package with the jeans in them came to about 1.9kg (or about 4lbs). Still, you can count on 2nd to give you a little something something to take the edge off that high shipping cost.


    Can't shake off the feeling that Samurai is never going to release a 24oz LHT again. They may do another run of the 24oz RHT, but I feel as though the LHT is a one off, never to be repeated. So I got a pair. Plus, with every brand and his two dogs getting in on the 24oz bandwagon (Strike gold et al.), no ones released a LHT version except Samurai.

    Pre-soak fit only, sorry. These are going into the closet until 2011 (so that I can give my 634SB some much needed attention). Only did the top button only to realise that my fly is open (oops!).I'll spare everyone that pic. The waist is about 32.5in raw, so I definitely made the right call to NOT size down (TTS 32). I'll be sticking in a 2x4 into the waist before soaking. Pic has been worked a little because it looked too dark even with the flash.


  5. Again my RMNZ Dubow model. A size 42 that I am shoehorned into, as I am about 95kgs and 6 foot tall. Really shouldve gotten a 44....


    I have no idea how you can fit into that jacket (still looks good on you). My RMNZ Dubow 42 fits slim on me (usually only wear a t-shirt underneath for outings on summer nights), and I'm 5'9" 80kg.

  6. You mean a 34.5 inseam so it shrinks to a 31 inseam. A 31 inseam in raw state will shrink to a 27.5 so make sure that's correct as good luck ever finding a buyer if you screw it up!
    yea im not a big fan of hemming before im sure i want to keep them cause hemming can kill the resell value

    I go into every jean purchase with the idea of keeping them, otherwise, why buy in the first place? And (back then) there was no post wash hemming options in Aus. Even now, only a handful of Rakuten stores and BiG use a proper US hemming machine with the proper attachment, most stores hem by hand on a flatbed machine, which can leave you with an uneven hem, mistakes on the roll, and/or flat hem with very little chance of rope.

    Well, I'm a fairly short guy. I'm HOPING they'll shrink to a 29 inseam (give or take). You guys think I messed up? I could still change/cancel the order I think.

    If they already cut the jean, I think it's too late to change/cancel your order. That being said, I don't think you're screwed. Everyone thinks that the length on unsanforized raw denim will shrink up 2.5 - 3 in, but only if you've got a 38in inseam to begin with. The shorter the inseam, the shorter the amount of shrinkage. I get all my jeans hemmed to 34-34.5 to expect a final wash inseam of 32. And this has worked on every jean I've bought in the past 2 years, most of them shrinking down to 33-32.5 max (even with hot wash and tumble dry). I'd be surprised if your 31 inseam shrank more than 2in.

  7. haha! ok how hard is it to adjust a rise of a jean, i really like my denime but they are on the market as i can't deal with high rise, so basicly would a taloir be able to fix this and how much is it gonna set me back?

    That guy on the Imperial thread basically took his jeans apart and remade them. Basically making a whole new pair of jeans without all the cutting. It's the only way to change the rise (because you have to change the back rise as well, which means you'll have to undo the crotch bartack, cut, position, refold, rebartack, take the back pockets off and reposition, etc etc etc). Meaning, you'll need a tailor with 'Ande Whall' level skilz and mucho dinero. Even if you could find someone to do it, it's going to be about 20 hours work which would cost about the price of a new pair. I'm with ranorat, anything more than a hem, might be too difficult.

  8. Don't know if you can link directly to ebay from here. Mods pls remove if necessary.

    I've got the SC41955 and the unknown model up on ebay now. I'm shocked that the 1955s haven't been picked up yet.



    Unknown model


  9. ESEF Sky (remember them?) and Ande Whall Cougar #1 (Cone) does a felled seam with two different coloured thread. Best of both worlds. Say what you want about ESEFs poor customer service and lack of communication, the jeans themselves were good value.




  10. always assumed my next pair of boots would be Whites but these custom build Trickers could change my mind!

    brown cordovan leather, leather lined, commando soles, natural edge, cap toe...

    I found the cordovan that Trickers sources from some tannery in South America (I think) is not as good as the Alden cordovan, by a large margin. It's definitely not Horween (at least not these)


    Oh, and my RM Williams rigger boots arrived. Initial thoughts. Nice, well constructed except for some crappy work done on the shoelace hardware (tore up my laces - which doesn't bother me too much, since I'm not really feeling the green ones they came with). I have to go at it with the nail punch to clean that up. They're also supposed to be made on the Craftsman last, but they fit a bit narrower (I'm guessing because the last was designed for a Chelsea style boot and not laces). Could have gone up a width, but they're not too bad to wear with thinner socks.




  11. Lot 10 is cursed?

    Am I in trouble if I went true to size with these? They fit really well post soak, I've just been focusing more on my 5110VXJ's and haven't been wearing my 710's that much. How long did it take for yours to blow out a whole size and half?

    Lot 10 were the first lot with jeans shrinking from tagged size and not to tagged size. I don't know how long it took to blow out a whole size, I wear mind on and off. I'd say about 3-4 months (gaining about 10lbs in the time period probably helped).

  12. I don't really agree with that, you shouldn't have to oil or condition a belt for it to age well. Really high quality hides have a certain cell make-up which allows them to age without cracking even under extreme conditions and requires no tanning or oiling whatsoever by the owner.

    I actually have to disagree with that. My ironheat belt cracked in the middle (something that hasn't happened with any of my other belts) after about a year of wear. I didn't oil it and now I wish I did, because my RMW belt has never cracked in over 10 years of use (and I oil it yearly, at first with RMW saddle dressing - as recommended, and now with OB).

  13. @Nuk1 = Can't rep sorry. Beautiful 710s. I don't wear mine enough...

    @Vswim09 = My Lot 10 (yes, the cursed lot) size 33 710 has stretched to about 34.5 in the waist (I wear them as a slouch fit nowadays). I think you can relax. Going to be an uncomfortable couple of weeks for you though.

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