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  1. If it was the Madison shop then I'm going to say unfortunately I'm not surprised...As long as you know what you need you'll be ok and at least Leathersoul is stellar as usual...

    It was the Madison shop. I was quite disappointed. Especially since Brooks Brothers is right near by, and I tried on the Alden made for them in 9E... and they fit. Too bad the only cordovan boots they had were the C&J Peale ones ($1000+)

    There is no customs fee? That is so unfair... :(

    No customs fee for items under AU$900 (which currently is USD900).

  2. Finally came back from my little 3 week holiday in the states. My question is, what is the deal with the guy from the Alden store in NY? He sizes me up, and then tells me I'm a 8.5EEE, which he just happens to have in my size in the cordovan boots that I wanted. When I tried them on, they felt too short. I also mentioned to him that I already wear the 405 boot in a 9E, to which he replied that I was sized wrong and that he knew what he was talking about because he's "been working in the industry for 30 years." I don't know about his experience, but I know when a boot feels too short. I asked him if he had any 9E for me to try, but unfortunately, he didn't have any in stock. How inconvenient.

    So a couple of weeks later at Leathersoul in Beverly Hills, Bryan measures my foot and says I'm a 9.5D in most Alden lasts (Barrie et al.) and a 10D in the more narrow lasts. I try on a pair of Ravello Chukkas which fit perfect, I'm happy enough with the service that I eat the 9.75% CA sales tax (tax is more that the shipping to Australia - which will now justify every US online shoe purchase I make to eternity) to bring them over. Pics after I've charged my camera battery.

  3. ^^ Size down. There was talk about IH making these slightly bigger so that the OD process would make them exactly the same size as their 634S cousin, but that might not be true. I do know that my size 31SB has stretched out bigger than the unworn size 32 634S I have in my closet.

  4. I was wondering if that was going to ever happen. I think that's the reason why Flathead redesigned those wallets. I'd suggest finding a decent metalsmith and getting one made of stainless steel. Might not be "authentic" but it sure won't break 'ever.' Restitching the flap back to the wallet should be easy enough.

  5. My trickers weren't stiff, they were buttery soft. The c-shade gorse leather is treated differently to others they offer and has a slightly matte sheen to it, you won't be able to shine these for this reason. Just like you cant shine a redwing 875.

    The Stowes I had were different and you could shine those.

    Saying Trickers dont take a shine is just silly.

    The gorse leather on my Maltons were stiff compared to the leather on my RM Williams. Of course they would be softer than other thicker leather boots eg. Russells, Whites et al. The leather on the Stowes is a little smoother. I tried to polish them with a neutral polish, but it didn't look right. I think I meant that the boots don't take a polish, I have 5 pairs of Trickers dress shoes that polish up just fine. I've read that owners of the Stow/Maltons treat them like any other boot (oil with sno seal etc.). I don't think I'll go that far.

    @Velomane. I wear my Maltons in a UK9 (6) and my Stowes in a UK9 (5). I wear a US9(E) in Redwings (but could size up 1/2), 9E in Alden's Truebalance last and 9E in Whites (but could size up 1/2).

  6. Firstly, you cannot fault Tricker's construction of their boots. Rock solid, not a stitch out of place. I had to send my Alden 405 back because there was a needle tear on the side of the boot, above the welt, near the heel (I think the storm welt?). Alden SF's reply to that? "They're work boots and some mis-stitches are to be expected and adds to the boot's rugged character." I mentioned that it wasn't a mis-stitch but an actual tear in the upper and threatened to kick up a fuss, and they offered to take the boots back with full refund. I have the oil leather fan Indy's from Alden of Carmel, but haven't bought another pair of Alden's since.

    I love Trickers boots so much that I bought both the Stow and the Malton (with double leather sole, which basically makes it a brick coloured Stow). The leather doesn't take a polish (I've tried), but that's not why you buy them. The leather is really stiff. Feels like you have to put in years of wear to break them down, even with 4 coats of RM Williams conditioner. The construction is incredibly good (compared to what you would pay for a comparable pair of CJ boots). Feel as though they're going to last forever. I certainly haven't regretted my decision to buy these.

  7. I can tell you first hand that the fit on Trickers is completely different to that of Whites. They also don't look alike. The wide welt on the Trickers makes them less dressy than say their shoes. If you want dressy boots, you're probably best to consider Aldens.

    btw, I concur with LITS's opinion on the stubbornness of Tricker's boots. The leather that they use for the double leather sole is rock hard. I still haven't broken in my Maltons, and I've had them for ages.

  8. I just washed my 5100XX and the inseam has shrunk again! This is the third wash for these jeans. I bought them one wash, hemmed them myself to 33in, washed it again - didn't shrink, washed (hot wash) for the third time today and the inseam is now 31in. Wtf! I have never had a pair shrink after the "third" wash. I'm gob smacked.

  9. Cleaning the garage, decided to cut some wood to use as waist stretchers. In 3/4 inch increments so that I'll always have the right size on hand. The numbers are in metric, starting from 80cm (31.5in) to 86cm (33.75in), which is where my waist fluctuates now.


    Compound mitre saw.


  10. Candid shot of my 5100XX anniversary jean. The waist has stretched out to about 35.5 (on a tagged pair of 33). And they were almost too tight to begin with (got them as a one wash). They're sort of my indoor comfy jeans. Wanted to take the pic without a mirror, didn't want to focus on my crotch, ended up with my feet in focus instead. These have been worn on and off for 2 years now (mostly off). These aren't fading at all.


  11. You mean this one, B_F? Ironically the heavy pewter doesn't allow me to wear them as much as I like. Mine's almost brand new. Will be putting some wear into them now, since I've dragged them out of the closet (after 2 years). :o


  12. X-posted from the WAYWT denim thread.


    RMNZ Dubow A2 size 42 in russet horsehide. 5'9" 180lbs.

    It fits a whole size smaller than my Gibson & Barnes civilian A2 (in 42), wondering if I should have sized up, but the guys on VLJ have mentioned that that's how an A2 was supposed to fit (trim in those days). In any case, it's difficult for me to layer underneath so I mainly only wear it in Autumn and Spring.

    btw, it's definitely russet. It's a crappy pic, makes it looks seal. I was in Sydney today and everyone was wearing dark suits and grey woolen coats. Nice to be wearing something different to everyone else.

    yeah i hear you on the "little girls skirt" front:D

    I hear you too. My solution is to untuck when open, and tuck in when zipped up. But if it's cold enough for me to have to zip up, I'd be wearing a coat instead.

  13. How does the Samurai 24 ozs compare to say the IH heavyweight denim? I understand it is very slubby and rough?

    24oz LHT is slubbier than 21oz IH but not as slubby as the Samurai 21oz (or by relation, the 24oz RHT). It's actually quite different to anything Sam has produced in the past.

  14. If winter 2011 is anything like this year, I'll definitely be wearing my 24oz LHT armour (spelled with a 'u' oz style). I'm curious about the 18oz, but I'm stocked up with too much sam denim atm to get any more (S0500, Jins, USA, 24oz).

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