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  1. First wash since they were starting to feel sticky on the inside. For a one wash, surprising to see how much dye still washed out. Waist shrank back from 34 to 31 and the length shrank as well from 33.5 to 32.5. From an original one wash 33/34. I'll expect the waist to stretch back to where it was before.



  2. Okay, so good news, FedEx re re revised my delivery date and I got them today!

    Bad news. They're way smaller than even Ryo's measurements. 

    OW 33

    Waist: 30.75

    Thigh: 12.25

    Rise: 13.25

    I'm not giving up in them yet. In the waist stretcher, should get around 2in extra. Also rubbed down the leather patch with Obenaufs.

    Just a note on waist stretching, make sure you fully hydrate the cotton fibres before starting the stretch. Wet fabric stretches. Dry fabric tears. I soaked mine in hot water for 1 hour and then stretched it dripping wet. Now, letting it dry overnight. Fit pics tomorrow.

    Jacket is smaller than I thought too. Fits more like a M Levis type 3 (or sz 40). I sized up thinking I could wear a hoodie underneath. Good thing, though. This one fits like my regular denim jackets (for just a shirt underneath).







  3. 3 minutes ago, Foxy2 said:

    The stretchers that don’t clamp the open front can actually rip/damage the top button hole.

    been there, done that...

    The Inchmaster (or when I bought it 10 years ago, the Bakersfield), can actually encourage you to overstretch the jeans because the clamp bypasses the top button. Imo, if jeans are stretched to the point where the top buttonhole tears, they're overstretched. This method is good for a max 2in stretch for size 32-34 jeans. If it needs more than that, better to cut your losses and sell it on. Anyway, this is more for me to squeeze into jeans after a winter weight gain. The ideal would be to buy jeans that fit in the first place. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Tiro said:

    the guys that have a waist stretcher, where do u get one? :-)



    You can mod a quick release bar clamp to make your own waist stretcher. This one cost me $10 (jeans pictured not tcb obviously).

    The plastic ones on Amazon can break for denim over 21oz. I snapped mine in half forcing me to look for a sturdier alternative.

  5. So Ryo's reply to lefty said a OW size 33 measures 32.28in. I can work with that. 

    My memorable sizing screw-up for comps was the Warehouse x BiG 660. Purchased a size way too big based on the thigh measurement (BiG 'style' measuring isn't the common way). Couldn't make the waist work, even with a belt. Tried to have the waistband shortened by this 'denim guru' in Manly (big mistake) and ended up selling that Frankenstein pair for $50. I'm usually gunshy about sizing up because of that, and I usually size down. 

    That being said, I actually sized up on this pair and the jacket. If it's a little smaller than the measurements, it might work out, but we'll see.

  6. 3 hours ago, mondo said:

    @indigo_junkie, I still have a pair of Oki's with red tab I purchased from you about.. 8 years ago, I think. They've been great jeans—still going strong!

    I remember the red tab being cut off, which was part of the reason I sold them. Glad you enjoyed them. 

  7. Woah. 40 min? Thought I'd have a couple of days to purchase. Selfedge/Roy should really think about doing a preorder for the next one. Who knows how many pairs they could have sold if 80 pairs wasn't the ceiling. Also, I hate panic rushing to purchase anything. I did it for the first SE collab with Ironheart, and I'm not keen to ever do it again. If I can't take my time to buy something, it's probably best that I missed it.

  8. S710 was my gateway into Samurai. 

    After being seduced by so many good fit pics of the S5000, ended up pretty gutted I couldn't make that low rise work for me. Love that zero denim. Missed the boat on the e2nd S510VX collab jean when it was available. Hopefully Samurai will release it again in the future.

  9. Isn't it September 1st as the starting date? 

    The headline check for the previous comp iirc, had you take a picture of your raw state jeans next to the newspaper on the day, to show you hadn't soaked/worn the jeans prior to the starting date. It won't matter to me since I'm buying my jeans one-wash, though. 

  10. You know, that Tiger camo is kind of growing on me. I don't want my fabric wish-list for bags to be out there in case I jinx myself. Either I'm going to be pleasantly surprised, so happy I wear my pockets inside out, or so horrified I sew my pocket openings shut so I don't accidentally show anyone when I'm taking stuff out.

  11. S510 is the cut that works the best for me from Samurai. Half my Sam collection is S510. When Samurai releases a new denim that I'm interested in, if it's S510, the one thing I don't have to worry about is how it's going to fit. Most of the time, I don't even look at the size charts, I know it's going fit right if I go TTS, and still have a little leeway if I go up or down a size. Too bad same can't be said about the S5000 cut (since sold). Good thing I didn't buy that one first, could have been my first and last Samurai.

  12. 3 hours ago, Capsicum Fried Meat said:

    The selvage ID is faded pink color this time which is different with it used to be on the oxidized denim used on several model.

    Good pickup! I didn't even notice that while was flicking through the pics. It may be a 'different' denim after all. 




  13. All I've got left of that era. Sold my 660 and 1001xx (so much regret... that 1001xx would fit me perfect now, with all this iso weight I'm carrying).


  14. 18 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    Top left: 10th anniversary XX 1952
    Top right: 20th anniversary
    Middle left: Tokyo edition
    Middle right: XX-Type 1951
    Bottom: 66XX

    XX-51s ftw!

    Glad to see another one in the open! 


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