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  1. Has anyone seen / own a White's boot on the Northwest Last?

    I have a pair of 6 inch LLT smokejumpers on the Northwest last. This is the only pic I have at the moment, but can take some more for you tomorrow if you're interested.

    Very comfortable boots, but quite a different feeling from the regular SJ last. I don't need them, but orthotics would not be a problem with these if you're having a pair made up.


    Edit: Slide 13 - also meant to add, that's a great collection!! :)

  2. Been away... From the last few days...

    Heading out for New Years...


    Alden, KMW x Context, Rapha tweed goretex

    Up to cottage country = lots of layers...


    Whites, IH, FH, Patagonia

    There was no lack of snow!


    Quoddy, IH, FH, TNF

    Three glorious days of telemarking - but no denim content....

    Back home today...


    RW, Sams, FH

  3. Nice stuff folks!

    You Ren - now I have to go eat something! And Farmer - gawd, that's a lot of white stuff! R u in Montana?!

    -Z-, have fun in Japan! Bring an extra suitcase, you may need it ;) Great photos btw. What setting did you shoot the moon at?

  4. Thanks for the nice comments & reps, guys!

    I don't see how people can wear those boots for something other than there intended purpose. What urban environment necessitates boots that extreme?

    I'm sure White's doesn't mind. Before their only clients were firefighters and people using them for their job. Now Average Joe Citizen buys them for casual city wear.


    I'd say that White's will thrive regardless of what fashion dictates - and that's a good thing!

    I thrashed my first pair of "imitation" White's, over three summers of planting trees, as a high school student.

    Now, we have a cottage on three acres of heavily forested land in the Laurentians, and the property/land needs constant maintenance. And I could afford to finally buy the real thing.

    Having said that, I am now wearing these more often in the city, just because they are so darned comfortable, and I plain like them. A well made pair of boots (or anything else, for that matter) can & should be worn wherever you want!

    Besides... They go really well with the expensive Japanese jeans & workshirts that I don't work in.... ;)

  5. Mich, I have that on some of my shoes as well... Hasn't seemed to have affected them (yet!)

    This one is for Morse - my smokejumpers. Nowhere near as much character as the pair Denim Phenom posted. These are pics from when I first got them, which I think I might have posted before.

    The roughout seems bombproof - I just wait until mud, dirt, etc dries, then brush it off.




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