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  1. /\ jesus wouldn't catch me up on a roof like that, far too much of a chicken. Once, briefly, had a job with a TV satellite installation company, that was when I realised I really didn't have a head nor the legs for heights (shudders..) 


    Great action pics though, Riff.


    Ah it is one of those things, I think. Either you are ok with heights, or you're not. It must have been quite a shock to discover your dislike on the job, though ...


    Mega - they are looking great! I can hardly wait to see how the dirt denim will feel over our typically hot and humid summers. I'm hoping the loose weave will help

  2. Great shots Riff, so pleased that you like them  :)



    Good to see you Riff, great to see your pics, hope you're well.



    Cheers guys! They are excellent indeed! Thanks Hectic - all is well, just ... hectic :D


    The "dirt denim" was put through its paces while I was doing re-shingling on the house...  Was pretty funny: my stealth-rubber approach shoes, which have great grip, were shredded by the end of the day, but the Trophy jeans had barely a fade on the knees! This is great stuff!




  3. I have a LOT of catching up to do here! Hey guys, been a while. I am long overdue in posting pics of the Trophy dirt denim, from NoKipple. It is truly beautiful stuff:


    Lovely detail and branding, along with 2-tone stitching:







    I like the simple design of the back pockets, which are half lined:




    Two tone selvage:





    And a beautiful deerskin patch:
    The dirt denim, as others have noted, is really hairy and crunchy! So hard to capture in photos, but here is an attempt:
    I opted for the slim cut - which for me is a slim/straight fit and works well.
    Looking forward to posting some fit pics when they have broken in a bit…. I am a weekend warrior these days, sadly.
    I also owe some shots of the Jelado hoody, which - if you have had experience with Buzz sweats and the like - does not disappoint. Beautiful, thick cotton, with perfect finishing! To be posted soon :)





  4. Always a challenge to get connectivity while traveling :rolleyes:


    Been wearing my Strongholds more lately - this was just before we left on vacation - herringbone selvage.


    It's really a shame that Bill isn't around - the brand has great materials, construction and cuts, and not much representation anymore....





  5. Ale - perfect fit!


    I know it's off topic, but I really like the jacket, spill the beans on that one if you please, The jeans are cool as well. :D :D :D

     Cheers bro! The jacket is the Rising Sun Ranch Hand jacket.

  6. I know that riff's fits are generally popular but they are not really for me. This one, however, is perfect. Love the ranch jacket and the colour combo or blue denim, white tee and duck is classic stuff.


    Thanks big truck - always appreciate a comment like that!


    WH660 riff? ...inspired by Ale i see ;)


    Yea - totally! Glad I kept these :)


    On a different note - @Zendeen - those Maine Street derbies are very cool - I checked out their FB page, nice stuff there! Maybe you could post up some detail on the shoe/boot thread?

  7. Those oxfords look great. I've owned both the Christy and the 2021 - I like both, but I too prefer the Christy for the slimmer profile and lighter color. And while neither is great on snow, the zigzags on the Christy's at least keep me from doing side splits like I do with the 2021's   :D


    But that Mastersons shirt - damn. On my wish list for sure....

  8. It's funny cuz I was browsing Rakuten literally just yesterday looking for the pair in the middle and couldn't find my size... ANd then your posts... I think I could be tempted with just about all of those in a heartbeat! :D







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