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  1. Beatle,

    I agree with Fab, that jacket is awesome! I love the Down-filled North Faces stuff. I also must say, the Uggs +IHBK combo looks sooo cool, I wish everyone around here would learn how to wear their UGGs the right way, not just with tights tucked in and an oversized columbia fleece, ha.

    must "spread" rep.

    UGGS > slippies :)

    Agreed on the North Face down. I have Dryloft versions - it's like wrapping a furnace around yourself!

  2. nd a little while later she wanted to grab me. so some shit went down... i guess this is more of a "what did the girl you banged the other day's jeans do" but whatever. face blacked out for (a little) respect

    Seriously dude. Hope by the time ur old enough to make love - in a bed - you'll respect your partners more. That's just lame.

  3. Part 2...

    Then we headed down to the AGO, since our daughter had not seen the Pharaoh exhibit. No cameras allowed in the exhibit, but the display was stunning. Rumor has it, the exhibit might make another stop, but it will then go back to Egypt for good.

    She's rockin her Flatheads! :)


    Stopped into Lemongrass, one of our favorite Thai/Viet places, on the way home.


    Ended the (early) evening with a luscious mango ice cream!


    Now I'm hoping I can stay awake a few more hours, and mesh back with EST time!

  4. Part 1...

    Well, I figured I was going to have a nice, relaxing day.... Recover from jet lag, sip hot cocoa, yada, yada... Nope. Family wanted more exciting things!

    I couldn't believe how cold it had gotten while I was away, and my SExDB's are too tight for longjohns! So I changed into my heaviest weight jeans (21 oz'ers) and had my super-duper red hot rooster long underwear on! :D


    Took the pups for a quick walk around the 'hood, then we headed over to the Ontario Science Center. Lots of cool stuff for kids to do & see, including water-works, perpetual motion Rube Goldberg-like machines, robotics, and whatnot.




    Taking a break...


    A great view of the parkland behind the OSC:


    Met a lady wearing the funkiest (and pragmatic, for the great white north) dress I ever saw... Kind of like a fitted sleeping bag, with side zips & sphagetti straps!


  5. Ah, some great stuff here, while I've been away! :) Markus - lol - that must have taken a fair bit of beer!! Lovely as always, relativity!

    Nice to be back in jeans after 3 days of suits & meetings! But I wasn't expecting to get back to a deep freeze. Brrrrrr.... May need to bring out the red-hot long johns! Yeah, still need to take back the empties!:o



    RW, SExDBxS09, Haversack

  6. Thanks for the tip, i'll keep an eye out on it.

    How about the B-9, is BR really the only one making a repro of this great looking parka?

    Eddie Bauer makes a B-9. Never handled it, though, so not sure of the quality... Well under $300

  7. Good page here! Gourmand - your Eternals have character! :)

    That's definitely your cut, Appfaff! Like your new shoot location, too!

    Last pics for a short while... Have to do a sudden business trip to my favorite city in Japan :D . Sadly, all I'll be wearing is suits...


    Some blue starting to poke through


    RW, IH, Uniqlo (no viz), Carhartt

  8. Looking to pick up a pair of Samurais and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the numbering system and how it correlates to the different cuts- even after reading through this thread a bit, anyone shed some light on this for a newbie? Looking for something comparable to FH3001s, or just a standard straight cut.

    The 0500 is a mid-rise slim straight.

    The 5000 is a lower-rise slim straight.

    There is an even slimmer, low-rise cut, but the model # escapes me - was posted a while back.

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