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  1. Appfaff - that is sweet.

    The smell will eventually go away... I had a condo in Battery Park City at the time of 9/11. All my windows blew in, and when I was able to go back and collect my stuff, everything had that smell. Hang it up, say in your garage, where there's a lot of fresh air circulating. It might take a few weeks or even months, but the smell will go!

  2. Thx dkatz! I heard they do fade, but I haven't been able to find any pics. After having them on the shelf for a couple of years, I just started on 'em, so evo may be a while.. :)

    I'm really feelin 'em now though.. Added bonus: this doesn't happen! :P


  3. ^^ Are those the persimmon dyed sams?

    I don't think they are true persimmon, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. Here is 2nd's description:

    "SAMURAIJEANS (Samurai jeans) model among the popular zero denim jeans S5000VX (zero model) version appeared in a limited edition of 200 color denim! ! S041CP Samuraijinzuhebichinopan was used to, old-fashioned sense of bleaching woven on a loom, with a sense of using uneven 17oz denim, denim familiar zero series "17oz Zara Serubitchi bushido special" inherited the best color quality denim ! ! Nonuosshu. "

    I picked these up after I sold my persimmon Sugar Canes (which were way too big), they seemed to be as close as I could get to that hue.

  4. you can build a surly long haul trucker with a really solid wheelset and group for about that. those things will go to hell and back.

    ^ This. There are a ton of tire options you can choose from. A 28-32 will give you a lot of comfort over a loaded long trip.

    Universal Cycles offers a complete Surly LHT for a decent price. Code VIP15 gets you 15% off purchases over $300

  5. Great pics TG! Need more! I remember visiting a ranch near Melbourne many years ago, and was amazed at how fast the shearers worked on the sheep. Do they still use that tar-like stuff to patch up cuts?

    -Z-, welcome back! Nice teaser... Expectations for your next WAYJDT are high! :D Nice pickups on the Skulls & PBJ!

  6. It's been really warm here, and all the snow is melting. So we decided to take the pups out for a long walk.

    Heading out...


    They romped


    They ran


    There were mock fights


    With all the slush & whatnot, they were completely begrimed. So when we got home, it was.... Bath time!




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