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  1. okay so for some reason i've recently started listening to all this reggae, dub, dancehall and...

    i completely forgot about matisyahu (yes, matisyahu).

    i mean his main claim to fame is being an orthodox jewish reggae artist, but his music is completely legit.

    i could listen to king without a crown all day, as well as jerusalem. the songs that weren't mainstream were amazing too.

    and barrington levy ALL DAY for dancehall. his voice is amazing, and so are his "shoodeewoowop"s

  2. please continue here: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=34740

    posting a thread for some advice on some phones that i have in mind about buying. can any of you provide me with information/personal opinions from past usage of these phones, or just what you think? i've read up on all of these phones, they all seem to have really good features. the prada is the most expensive of course, but i feel it's worth it. i'm really leaning towards the motorola though.

    LG KE770


    Prada LG KE850


    Motorola A1200 MING


    Nokia 8600 Luna


  3. ^^^ i didnt think finding forever was that impressive

    it was a good cd and all but nothing mindblowing

    what didn't impress me was the number of pop references he makes on that album. "she was the type to watch oprah and the today show

    be on the treadmill like ok go

    had a body, a body that you can't pay for

    that mean she had some d's on her but they weren't fake though".

    definitely not one of his best albums, but whatever. it's common.

    i think i'm being too picky anyways.

  4. yea i know it's a verse.

    but it's andre 3000.

    So, I typed a text to a girl I used to see

    Saying that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be

    And I apologize if this message gets you down

    Then I CC'd every girl that I'd see see round town


    I hate to see y'all frown but I'd rather see her smiling

    Wetness all around me, true, but I'm no island

    Peninsula maybe, makes no sense I know, crazy

    Give up all this pussy cat thats in my lap no lookin back

    Spaceships dont come equipped with rearview mirrors

    They dip as quick as they can

    The atmosphere is now ripped

    Im so like a Pip, Im glad its night

    So the light from the sun would not burn me on my bum

    When I shoot the moon high, jump the broom

    Like a premie out the womb

    My partner yellin "Too soon! Dont do it! Reconsider!

    Read some litera - ture on the subject

    You sure? Fuck it

    You know we got your back like chiroprac - tic

    If that bitch do you dirty

    we'll wipe her ass out as in detergent

    Now hurry hurry, go on to the altar

    I know you aint a pimp but pimp remember what I taught ya

    Keep your heart 3 stacks, keep your heart

    Aye, keep your heart 3 stacks, keep your heart

    Man, these girls is smart, 3 stacks, these girls is smart

    Play your part

    Play your part.

    :D this makes me grin

  5. i've seriously met someone this summer who straight out said,

    "i don't really like music."

    and i was like, "what the fuck?"

    just inconspicuously play your shit in the car, if she likes it she'll tell you. i mean, good conversation comes out of similar tastes in music, but you like her alot already, so you really shouldn't worry about it. and honestly, if she doesn't already like good music, how can you expect for her to actually and fully understand the music you listen to? the most she'll understand is what sounds good and what doesn't, and i'm not saying that's not a valid reason for liking an artist or song, but i'm sure you're on that analytical level, so just don't expect too much i guess.

  6. 5xexj7o.jpg

    falafel! went to amsterdam falafel shop in adams morgan today... so good. at first i was thinking, "what am i doing... this looks horrible" but i sat down, added some vinegar and hot sauce, some fries, and it was delicious. i can't wait to get more. so filling too.

  7. i don't think you should wear those with jeans. it would just be denim overload. i personally find it too much when i see denim jackets on top of denim.

    but definitely with some shorts. you could do it. they're nice shoes.

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