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  1. Anyone with a pair of White's with leather sole? Wondering how durable they can be and if you ever felt they wore down fast or would have to be sent in (city walking)?

    I have a pair and haven't noticed any extra wear on them.   I don't do a ton of city walking though.  Just day to day stuff and they're going on 2 -3 years now.   You could put a light rubber sole over them if you're worried about that.

  2. Boot questions:   I'm on the hunt for a great pair of English country boots and I've narrowed it down to the Trickers Stow as they're the only ones I've seen in a medium footbed.  Plus they look great.


    I'm seeing a lot of the Stow with Commando soles for sale and they're lined in black leather.  But I don't see this style on the Trickers site.  Is this a discontinued style and that's why they're on sale?


    Also how do you guys with them feel about sizing?  Since I'll need to ship them to the US from the UK I want to be sure that they're going to fit.


    Is there a brand you guys like better that comes in a medium width size?  

  3. This is a pair of Rising Sun Yukon Denim Jeans.
    They don't look worn, but are a wash of some sort.  I don't see wear on them, but they do have a  washed.  Blue Selvedge  button front.  
    32 waist
    35 inseam
    $150 shipped in the USA.

  4. First One is a from Sears, 12 gauge line.  blanket lined, corduroy collar.  Selvedge inside size 40 Regular  Great fades










    chest 21.5

    sleeves 24

    Shoulders 18


    Price  $60.00 shipped USA





    the other is a no-name selvedge denim jacket.    Pleated front.

    great blue selvedge.    






    Chest 22"

    Sleeves 23.5"

    shoulders 20"


    Price $45.00 shipped USA

  5. Agree the N1 (non-demotex) comes up big (for good practical wartime reasons) I'm normally a 44/45 but an XL (42) fits me well in the NI and the Tanker. Advantage of going smaller is arm/shoulder/back fits me better

    I did the same thing.   I wear a 44 normally and bought the XXL but it was too big.   Sold it and bought the XL and it fits really nice.

  6. Happy Hooligan  ...nice wrist leather...how do you make the edge shine what kind of products used.



    thanks.  I use lot's of elbow grease... lol   It begins with just wetting the leather edge and burnishing it, then I repeat the burnish with a special mixture of natural waxes and oils I made to seal it protect it.

  7. Here's my new Elgin.   Found it at an estate sale last week.  It looked pretty bad as the crystal was all cracked and spiderwebed and no band.   Bought a new crystal and band and off it went.  Looks like I just bought it from the store.  It's an automatic and I like to watch that red arrow second hand sweep around it.  I think it's a late 50's early 60's model.   



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342