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  1. the new season is up at www.april77.fr

    ....im not much of a fan of it, everything from the models to the photography seems super forced.

    beards + woods (american brands like corpus) + math and space imagery + oversized shirts (australian brands like CON and material boy) + diagonal geometric cuts (cheap monday's non-jean lines).

    it lacks in originality, its just mixing already boring, played out things. sweatpants? i mean seriously more colored sweatpants?

    the teddy boy rocker thing was way more creative than this stuff

    there better still be joeys...

  2. items shipped USA are postage included, Canada add $4, international depends on location (but i am honest and wont rip you off)

    if you want insurance etc, speak up, otherwise i ship regular ground.

    paypal only

    PM me with questions.


    April 77 joeys. 29x34. new with original tags from Blackbird.

    these are navy blue twills with a bit of stretch.

    waist fits like a 30, leg fits like a 29.





    Vintage 1950s McGregor Flannel.

    100% natural wool, unlined in a great plaid, plus its in a rare size for the era, a true SMALL. fantastic condition. worn once.




    Vintage Leather biker jacket.

    Sears Leather Shop (great american made quality)

    size 38L, would fit roomy on a person who wears a small, fit true to a medium, fit snug to a large due to length of arms and shoulder fit.

    leather is brand new, no rips tears or cracking.




    Vintage Leather studded jacket.

    next level shit, round studded arms, small spikes. handmade by some punk rocker in the 1980s. fits large, weighs a ton. recommended for someone who wears a large/medium.

    about a size 38. not for the faint of heart. i paid over a 100 for it and something like this goes for tons from NYC's BESS shop.


    $80 + shipping since it weighs a ton, to be calculated at purchase. shouldnt be more than $10 USA.


    Surface To Air moto-rocker vest.

    fantastic and a great wearable piece that can be added to lots of looks.

    is worn, but in excellent shape. the construction on this is way nicer than most stuff i've seen by s2a. its in a grey color and is a small.



  3. i disagree, and raf by raf is a brand with a focus on the youth culture that influences his regular line in a less abstracted way. every brand he has hooked up with follows the lineage of his influences, and instead of copying the doc marten boot or a fred perry polo, he can attach himself right to the brand and tap directly into its history and importance to his work. thats something he can't quite establish with just riffing on it with raf by raf.

    some of his best work is when he gets right to the point and wears his influences on his sleeve (peter seville, new order collab), so why not see his work as holistic.

    i say he should keep doing them and expand to even more, a lonsdale collab, design a vespa, design a record player, do a special edition fender telecaster, a vox AC30, and just raf everything he enjoys.

  4. to maintain a high and tight (the sides of your pomp haircut or ss youth cut or whatever you're renaming it) buy a pair of clippers from target/walmart and have your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, friend run the sides every few weeks, the top shouldnt need it near as often. everyone i know who has this haircut, including me, goes about it that way.

  5. same shit as last time but in colors?

    i wish there was no logo

    the whole point of fred perry sportwear is the logo and its location on the garment, otherwise it would be a generic polo. its part of its heritage and completely the whole idea.

  6. dino, stay away from that look, its played!

    morrissey once said "Long hair is an unpardonable offense which should be punishable by death. "

    and anyone who has seen a picture of him with long hair, knows why he said that.

  7. how long does royal cheese take to ship to the usa (nyc) and is it worth the cost?

    i used to order cheap mondays from sweden when they were only available there, and that took 2 weeks then. looking at about the same time?

  8. the repaired knee jean looks like some shit i wore when i was 5.

    i already have the varsity jacket (vintage), the light jeans (joeys april77), and the light jean jacket (vintage lee)

    so this looks like my closet.

  9. two brand new jeans, never worn, dont fit.

    April 77 Joey thunder navy 29 (30x34)

    bought from blackbird.

    these make a great alternative to jeans or slacks for work.

    guitar pick, tags, all original.

    i'll eat the shipping price but i want to unload these for





    Uniqlo skinny tapered t-000 jeans 30x32 (true fit)

    never worn, new with tags. one size to small

    great daily banger jeans. dont care, just take these:



    please contact me through PM.

    paypal accepted.

    ship from NYC.

  10. i work in the building above RO, see that dude everyday. looks like a super boring job, barely anyone ever in there... i usually see fat russian dudes buying plain white dress shirts.

  11. thanks for the comments guys. im really glad you said eddie murphy! i can intellectualize the acting with nods to vito acconci and paul mccarthy, but when it comes down to it, eddie does it the best.

    more info:

    -it was shot over 4 weeks at the middle of the night, RISD studios Providence RI

    -all the drawings are about the side of 8x11 sheet of paper and drawn from real locations.

    -there originally were child actors, who proved disasterous

    -the cinematographer who did ET, Empire of the Sun, said "he liked it"

    -total budget cost was $1000, my new job's camera lens cost more.

    -costumes were all lucky finds.

    -my mom actually has that haircut.

  12. I made a film last year. It was my senior thesis from RISD.

    Its 7 minutes, funny, and I do all the acting.

    If you like video art, david sedaris, stand-up comedy, drawings, etc etc.

    Its played in 6 international film fests and done pretty well, I just want a lot of people to see it.

    check it out and watch it in high definition mode,

    then comment.

  13. both are in brand new condition worn probably >3 seconds as they didnt fit me right.

    1. APC new cures in 30. blue. never worn never washed. $100 shipped usa.

    2. April 77 joey navy fight. 29.navy blue, look almost like sta-prest slacks color navy blue. got them from blackbird and they are to tight in the legs, love the color, going to size up and wear them for work, look like a color geller would make. new with tags, effects, etc. $145 (what i paid minus shipping) shipped usa

    do you seriously need pics? if you do i guess i can take some with my icam but seriously, just do a google, they are brand new.

    ship from nyc, pick up in nyc available. if you are from outside of the usa pm and we shall talk shippin prices.

    ask anyone for reputation for sales, ive sold to lots of kids.

  14. that raf book is great (wish some of the entire collection images were bigger), the RISD library had that and the bernard wilhelm book, plus Dior Homme's collected runways and a few of the exclusive lookbooks. sadly miss the library more than the school.



    april 77s from blackbird

    +LL bean shetland sweater (looks like nom de guerre)

    +6 casual plaid shirts (look like steven alan)

    $13 at thrift stores by my parents house, best part of coming to the midwest for holidays.

  15. dolly,

    keep growing it, get through that "i need to cut it shorter" phase and you'll be happy.

    ignore the hair color, but think Marianne Faithful in the late 1960s. i think this would work dashingly on you.



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