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  1. on the subject of summer shoes, does anyone know of cheapass ked copies or any sites online that sell nanyang brand shoes from thailand?

    i know about keds classics, im talking like dirt cheap shoes i can wear without socks for the summer and then throw away, im not talking common projects.

    you know, like wal-mart brand slip ons but keds classics.

    also, my friend got me a pair of black nanyangs while visiting thailand. i know they are the schoolboy shoe of every asian charter school (ive even been stopped on the street and told that because of their recognizable green soles)

    but anyway, i love them and they look like nothing else anyone has and they were like $2.

    is this something that i should just pick up at canal street? is it worth even looking for online?

    gracias superfuture.

  2. post your location, your night, and your seats... just seein where other supefuture people are going to be

    ME > BOSTON > bank of America Pavilion>

    Tue, Jun 26, 2007 07:30 PM > Seat location: section SEC 4, row R, seats 3-2

  3. going to south florida for the prototypical college spring break with friends.

    im looking for recommendations for shoes. basic trainers and the like, not flashy hypebeast purple dunks or hiphop gear.

    my aesthetic is in line with April77, dior, blah blah you know black and black and more black.

    any places i should check out while in miami for good stuff.


  4. 1. canadian resident. i call up canadian mail and file a claim for mail fraud against him. since it went through customs, it has an exact record on immediate file (perk of living in the terror age) with his sworn signature and my address.

    2. since his mail fraud went over international lines, canadian mail gets to call the FBI. regardless of me getting my money back, he gets a visit from the police, and hopefully, his computer siezed and bank accounts closed. good luck with future credit.

    if this dude thinks ive never tracked down someone who fucked me over on ebay before, he's mistaken.

  5. Anyone happen to know a kid named HUA NENG CHEN ?

    email is [email protected]

    posts here as effohbee

    and can you ask him why he hasnt given me a refund? or why he ignores my emails and PMs, and how he sent terrible shoes to me instead of the ones i bought.

    and if you know him, is he 13? does he use his mommy's computer? is he to little to be mature enough to deal with HIS mistake and answer up to a refund?

    $80, send it back the way it came and i'll give your MISTAKE shoes back, and since im an adult, you'll get it correctly and not 2 months later.

    oh and if you see him, or he reads this, check your paypal because ive filed a dispute with you and you're gonna get booted and mommy is going to have to pay your bill


  6. i'm not selling these, but they are up on my school's classifieds. thought i should forward it to you guys.


    Industrial Sewing Machines

    Price: $400 each

    Seller's Name: Jason Gifford

    Email: [email protected]


    Date Ad Placed: 2/21/2007 9:07:48 AM

    we have 2 machines, older models, but very heavy duty. we are asking for

    $400 for each.

    they are 3 phase motor, 220v so they are not ready for home use, but could

    be converted.

    detailed pix available here


    more available

    on request.

    Contact myself or [email protected]"

  7. whats the usual stance on how to call out a bad seller. dude sent wrong items of unequal amount, then ignores all messages.

    i have his info, do i post asking people from his town to ask him whats up?

    do i post and tell people not to trust him?

    which sub-board should i post it in


  8. last batch of stuff from the closet

    LEE vintage westernwear blue jeans.

    deep indigo. less than a days worth of wear. no tags. stretchy denim from lee's western wear line. also the vintage "cowboy" cut style. straight all the way down. yellow stitching. from Wolf Bros in Omaha Nebraska, a classic american western wear store.

    look fantastic cuffed.

    tag says 31x30 . 67% cotton, 33% spandex (these are the original stretchy jean)

    inseam 73cm

    ankle straight across one side 17cm

    waist side to side 43.5cm




    patch is leather, buttons are steel

    $20 + shipping


    somewhere in the bible it says something about how its a sin to throw away an image of morrissey, or a smiths shirt for that matter. these are a few years old and i have grown out of them. they are worn in and the cotton is soft and nice.

    both shirts are official, not boots.

    Morrissey- size Small

    image is of morrissey feeding some little duckies and in quotes it says "IT TAKES STRENGTH TO BE GENTLE AND KIND" which is actually a smitsh quote but its a moz solo shirt. black white print with purple printed photo


    $10 plus shipping

    Smiths - size Small

    image of child and popsicle. announces a new 45 in french, says the smiths and "there is a light that never goes out" in the corner.


    $10 plus shipping

    paypal please

    look at my other posts for other sales ive done on here or look me up as "pitaburkester" on ebay and see 100% positive feedback.

  9. im thinning out my guitar collection. looking to see if anyone in new england, northeast, upper east coast is interested.

    $200 - Gibson Sonex 120 deluxe. as played by bands Black Flag, Sonic Youth, etc.

    bolt on. has some chips. 1981. body has a crack at the neck joint but doesnt effect playing and is stable.



    its not a showroom piece. its a great gigging guitar or for shoegazer garage nerds its one of those great guitars to have to put in odd tunings and experiment with.

    id rather not have to put this on ebay.

    PM if interested

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I wear 29x34 in some styles of cheap monday, and in others i dont. this is a model that i dont.

    29x34 dry blue denim. fantastic feel, crispy. yellow stitching. classy and a classic shape. model is "tight"

    $40 + shipping anywhere.

    Paypal please!

    im cleaning out my closet and ive sold a bunch of stuff here including jeans and other stuff. any questions? ask


    thigh layed flat and measured across is 7.5 inches

    33.3 inch inseam

    ankle layed flat and measured across is 5 inches.





    sorry for the pics but thats the best i can get from my pathetic camera!

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