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  1. i really think that there are some great designs out there for women in raw denim now, even just by going on the pics in this thread. maybe it is because they can get away with wearing more fitted styles?

  2. yep. was annoying me. i dont really like buckles anyway and at one point i wanted to wear a belt and the cinch was making it uncomfortable. i also cut the bottom of the jeans off to shorten them. oh, and i cut off the label.

    i get bored easily. on a pair of nudies i had i removed the label and the pocket stitching... makes them a little diff from the norm. i think i removed the buckle on a pair of levis collection i had too. will have to go find them and see!

  3. lol.. yeh its prob just me to be honest! i lost loads of weight, which seemed to disappear from my legs more than anything, but not my belly, so that doesnt help. i cant stand anything too tight around my gut which makes the legs a bit too baggy on me, therefore i dont get the stretch.

    my comments on the feel were based on my rrds i had before them, which were much softer and seemed to break/fade a lot quicker which i liked. i have some lvc 47 on the way, so will see how they turn out - just hope they fit me better than my 44's.

  4. hi, i noticed you dont see many of these oki-ni/duffer on this site, so i thought i would post some pics of a pair i have. overall i wasnt overly impressed with these. very dark and didnt fade/show wear that well, also quite stiff. dumped in a drawer now.

    couple of original pics (taken from oki-ni site):





    some pics of mine:





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