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  1. first email was the automatic order confirmation, they send out an email to tell you there will be extra shipping cost to the US, you reply and tell them that's alright, and you will get another automatic email from rakuten of "order change" to indicate the final amount with extra shipping. And then you should receive another email with a EMS tracking number...

    Dumb question, but if they send you the EMS tracking #, that means it's on it's way, right? I never responded saying the additional charge was ok, but I did receive the tracking info.

  2. Moondog - Did you get an additional order confirmation or shipping notice? If you did, i think you're fine.

    I ordered something from 2nd on Monday, and by the end of the day I had received several order confirmations and the EMS tracking #. Also, all of my transactions ended with the same thing as yours: "the impoliteness it does." What does that mean???

  3. Why don't you just exchange them at BIG?

    BTW, i have a pair of 103s that i got from BIG. I had initially purchased the 1002 in size 30 and they fit perfectly, but i decided to exchange them for the 103, and ordered the same size. WAY too small. I exchanged those for a size 31 and they're perfect.

    Also, the waist hasn't really stretched that much. Sorry I don't have exact measurements.

  4. OK, so I was all set to grab a pair of these when they arrive at BIG this month, but now I've just learned of the SDA D1293's, and now I don't know which ones to get.

    The only real denim I have right now is a 4 month old pair of SD103's which fit and look great, but I wanted my next pair to be a heavier denim, and I've been swayed by SF Samurai love, which is why I was gung-ho for the S710XX's. Now I'm not so sure...

    Any thoughts? (and please don't say both...)


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