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  1. Got a brand new Mister Freedom N1-h in black size 40 that has been worn exactly once and shows absolutely no signs of wear.  This thing is absolutely incredible, but I just never have a chance to wear it - I live in LA and have way too many jackets.

    Measurements on the MF site are spot on.

    $600 shipped in the US.  Ask me about other countries.

    Lemme know if you have any questions or need more pics!





  2. IHSH-79.  Blue. Worn once.  Absolute mint like new.  Completely love with the fabric, but it's a tad snug for me.  Measurements from HQ spot on as always:

    Length: 28.3
    Chest: 22
    Waist: 20.8
    Opening: 21.3
    Arm: 25.3
    Collar: 17

    $160 shipped.




  3. Size 38.

    I bought this new about 2 years ago, but as I live in LA, it's gotten VERY little use - probably worn only a handful of times. It's not even really fully broken in. It looks virtually new.

    Chest: 41

    Length: 27.5

    Sleeve: 24

    Shoulder: 17

    $650 local pickup or Paypal. Buyer pays shipping, I'll eat the Paypal fees.

    Lemme know if you need any more info or more pics.




  4. Worn for about a year and a half on and off, and have been sitting in my closet untouched for a while. Nicely broken in, with many years still left on the soles. Treated with Obenauf's a couple of times. Please let me know if you need more info or more pics.

    $160 shipped in US, PM me for international. Paypal.






  5. Size Medium.

    This thing is seriously amazing. I hate to give it up, but I have way too many sweatshirts, and in LA I just don't get to wear them all enough. And this one's real heavy. Bought it at BiG, and only wore a few times. It's been hand washed once. No stains or spots at all - it's in great condition. It looks wrinkly in the pics because I haven't worn in in like 6 month, and it's been folded in my closet.

    Pit to Pit: 20.5

    Center back: 24.5

    Sleeve: 30.5

    Bottom: 19.5

    $170 shipped in US. PM me about international. Paypal.




  6. Heya. Got a sweet pair of Samurai S0500XX that I hot soaked twice, and wore once around my office. Absolutely no fades whatsoever. They've been chain-stitch hemmed by SELA. The denim is beautiful, but the cut just isn't right for me. I'll take some pics tomorrow.

    $255 shipped. Paypal.


    Waist 34.5

    Thigh 12.8

    Knee 9.25

    Hem 8.75

    Inseam 31




  7. ***********SOLD***************

    Love this shirt, but it just never fit me quite right, so it's only been worn a few times. It's extinct now, so grab this one if you missed it.

    Shoulder: 17.5

    Length: 28.5

    Chest: 21.5

    Arm: 25

    $195 shipped US. PM me about shipping internationally. Paypal.


  8. I'm selling the pair of Heavy Weight Edition size 34 that I received today. They're absolutely top-notch in every way, but the fit, sadly, is not right for me. They're of course BNWT, unwashed or soaked - just tried on. Great score for someone in line for the next batch that may be a few months away...

    PM me.

  9. Anyone receive a pair of the new batch of Heavy Weight Editions? I'm on the fence about picking up a pair. The price is great, but w/ shipping to the States, it makes them almost as expensive as anything else.

    Are they that great? Fit? Construction? Should I just do it???

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