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  1. I second the Scoops recommendation. By far the best gelato/vegan ice cream flavors ever. Get two flavors for $2.

    For Melrose area parking. The streets that run north/south are permit and the streets that run east/west are okay. (If I remember correctly) You think I'd know, I work there. Maybe I will see some people unwittingly.

  2. I have to take my clothes off the second i get home at night.

    I can't have my clothes on for more than five seconds when i step inside the house, it bothers the living shit out of me get home and be wearing the clothing i wore while out.

    it really bothers me if i let my fingernails grow too long

    but my annoying habit is setting the alarm for an hour before i intend on getting up.

    and hitting the snooze repeatedly.

    Always 3 periods or exclamation marks!!!

    One is ok, since that's normal.

    Otherwise there should be 3...

    Also I'm visually offended when I see 2 being used, and I am really not able to finish a sentence like that...

    Good to know I'm not the only one that is crazy. The one I wish I could change would be the phone thing. It's so annoying! The others I'm just weird about.

  3. went to the OC la sale.

    nothing really exciting, common projects on sale.

    im jealous of those cloak desert boots in ny.

    im a size 44.

    someone robocop for me plz

    What % off sale is it?

  4. I think you really need to try them on to know what size to get. I'm usually a 30 and the 30 fit perfectly (legs, waist) and 31 was huge, felt like it jumped 2 sizes. Also, I noticed the color of the denim between the 30 and the 31 were different. Maybe one was old stock, which could also account for the weird sizing.

  5. Yeah, I've seen that MoMa one before. Not really what I'm looking for. I want something more classic looking and that is made well, like the Briggs umbrellas. I'm asking because I'm completely unaware of companies that make umbrellas.

  6. I have a pair of one wash jeans which are too small for me, and they won't stretch much more at this point... I'm wondering if it's possible to tailor the waist so that it'll be a couple inches wider?? I've done a search, but I haven't really found the info I'm looking for, so if anyone could help me out that'd be great.

    Thanks ;)

    I think I saw someone do that on Mynudies.com but it looked kinda odd; had lots of orange stitching or something?

  7. I can't say for certain, but I do remember seeing a pair of grey CM that were a regular fit.

    i'm looking for grey jeans with tonal black/grey stitching.. CM makes one with the exact detailing i want, but i've only been able to find it in the "tight" cut, which might be too skinny for me. i'm looking for something slim but not too skinny. Does CM make one like that? any help would be greatly appreciated

    i'm looking for grey jeans with tonal black/grey stitching like this:


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