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  1. Where is that thread?

    There is definitely a lock they have in Hawaii which is a combination of a few things, most of which will not carry over to their retail location in NY.

    I'd be curious to know what kinds of brands are even being talked about in regards to the new store.

  2. i am gonna buy the black mesh. anyway gg, i was wondering where you got the quote. i personally know tatsugo yoda, and his shit is not flying outta his shops. nigga doesn't know how to "buy."

    It's interesting you say that because I was very curious if they're buying is going to be dramatically changed for the NY store. I've actually been thinking about applying for a buying job there....

    But anyway, I don't see too many NY'ers who wear both Ann D and Lanvin, or Margiela and Henrik Vibskov. They need to determine what their client base is going to be in order to distinguish themselves as a premier NYC retail spot.

  3. NYT:

    Lace-Ups Reach New Heights

    WHEN it comes to Lanvin’s spring collection of silk, suede, mesh and metallic patent leather high-tops, an outlandish $700 price has not been a deterrence. Snoop around the sneaker-centric chat rooms of Fashion Spot, Hypebeast and Superfuture, and it’s clear that Lanvin has replaced Dior Homme as the brand of cult necessity. “I’m definitely getting two or three pairs in leather,” wrote a fellow by the name of God Save Hedi. “Need them in my life right now,” Yoh05 announced. “It has,” as someone calling himself Style Expert succinctly put it, “become an addiction.” And it isn’t all talk. “They fly out as soon as they hit the store,” said Tatsugo Yoda of Aloha Rag, a Honolulu shop that will open a New York outpost at 505 Greenwich Street this week. “They have an original design, and the use of fabric, cut and color cannot be imitated.” Barneys New York is one of the few sellers with a healthy supply, though possibly not for long. “They’re white-hot,” said Timothy Elliott, a spokesman for the store. Lanvin high-tops, $665 to $730 at Barneys.


  4. what about the sheer-light t shirts/vests ? anyone stocking them yet ?

    I'm looking for those as well. Den will most likely have them in stock when they start running the Geller line, so I'm waiting for that.

  5. I realize this response is late, but the guy who owns famous friends said they do make like an 11 or 12 and he owns one. They just don't carry them cause at 7 to 8 bills, who's gonna buy them?

    I wonder where you could find 'em in that size? I'd be down for a pair....What was dude's name at FF?

    you should have answered "dude, goldengloves would totally kop that DBSS".

    on a personal opinion, i don't understand why people like those they are next level ugly

    That's exactly why I like them. :)

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