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  1. There's a superfuture-like board dedicated to rating girls and services (0), I'll try to find it, can't really comment myself as I've never indulged. I know many americans and even europeans rate the montréal prostitution scene quite highly.

    I used to know someone who wouldn't shut up about that board...


    I never figured out if he actually partook in the services or if he just liked talking about the board, though. I don't think either one would surprise me, frankly,

  2. still waiting for a good, FULL answer.

    Firefox makes its money via a royalty agreement with Google. Every time you use the Google search bar in Firefox, Google kicks back some money to them. Last I heard, they had revenues in the neighborhood of $70 million a year from that alone. I think that's probably motivation enough for most companies to try to dominate the browser game.

    For a company like Microsoft, though, $70 million is barely a drop in the bucket, so it's probably just to protect their dominant position. Plus if they keep people using IE and tailor the experience of the browser to drive people toward using Silverlight and Live Mesh, that'll create the opportunity for a new revenue stream if/when Windows/Office starts to dry up.

  3. if you want to work downtown, it'll be enough, plus ppl are generally super happy when anglos from the ROC come here to learn french so it might actually work in your favor

    Yeah, and as long as you can understand it pretty well and people see that you're actually making an effort to reply to them in French, they'll switch over to English anyway if they see you're having trouble getting your point across.

  4. Shit, we can do both. Banquise for dinner and then Schwartz's once we've washed the poutine down with enough beer.

    Combining the two would be a mistake, though. Smoked meat poutine is nasty.

  5. Since Milspex's graphic design thread got bumped, I noticed there are a good amount of people that work/study within that field. I was wondering how many of you guys crossover to advertising from graphic design, and also how many of you guys are in the ad industry but not part of the 'creative'.

    I'm a junior studying Advertising and go back and forth between wondering wtf am I doing here and getting really interested whenever I see an amazing ad.

    Just want to hear some thoughts on the industry, jobs, experiences...

    I work for a digital marketing/ad agency as a project manager/account exec in case you have any questions about breaking into the digital side. Can't really speak to life at traditional agencies, though.

  6. whats going on there -- did they close the womens side for good?? or are they just like renovating or something.

    I think it was just some renovations. I passed the store today, and I wasn't looking closely, but I think the womens side was open again.

  7. dj shadow

    next tuesday

    ima leave the states around 3PM and should be there around 5PM.

    hoping to hit up U&I before the show

    i will see some of you nigs there

    I work like 1 block from U&I so I'll PM you my number so we can meet up when you get in, if you want.

  8. Does anybody have the "Corpus Detachable Sleeve and Hood Pullover"?

    I had one, but returned it. It was a medium and fit a bit smaller than all of my other medium hoodies. Definitely tighter than American Apparel medium pullover hoodies or a W+H Classic Fit medium, but it was probably just as long as either of those.

    If you're thin and want to wear it relatively tight, I'd say go true to size.

  9. Wishing for conflict resolution is what makes a show entertaining and keep people watching, actually resolving conflicts just makes a boring show. I think they should have left Serena and Blair as rivals for a longer time, it was a nice catfight.

    I agree, although sometimes initiating and resolving the conflict in one episode is so damn satisfying. I was worried that the grandmother storyline would drag beyond this week's episode. Resolving it and bouncing her out of there so quickly was great.

  10. haha, i used to get it once a week because of how close+cheap it was and i'd be fine. this one was supposed to be my last one ever, but i didn't feel so good after it so i think i need another last one.

    hahah, hit me up by email when you go and i'll do the same. i came really close to going there today because the snow made it hard to go any farther, but i dragged my ass a few doors past it to subway.

  11. So, Revenge of the Nerds was on TV this weekend, and as some of you may remember, the premise of the story is that a group of nerds want to join a fraternity (or at least create their own chapter.) They apply to all of the national frats, and get rejected by all except one: Lambda Lambda Lambda, which happens to be a predominately black fraternity.

    Towards the end of the film, a group of big black Lambda Lambda Lambda come to stand up for the nerds and scare all the white people, and they pan across the group, one by one.

    One of these Tri-Lams looked oddly familiar:




  12. how was the concert?

    Do you all remember that girl sitting by the AA store with a box of PBR?

    That was weird.

    The concert was good. But Digitalism had already started their set when we got there, and we only saw like 45 minutes (I think?) of them, and then we waited around for a while expecting an encore, but none came. Overall a good show, though.

  13. there's a chance we might go see Digitalism tomorrow if you are interested

    Sure, I'd be into seeing them. Even if you guys end up doing something else, let me know.

    Did you end up going to see dj krush last week? How was it?

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