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  1. A few to consider,

    Mountain Research, I've a cagoule and woolen shirt from FW07. Neither overpriced nor overhyped, I've not had a chance to have a look at the 08 product but it looks fantastic:



    Nigel Cabourn, not really an outdoor brand but this seasons stuff consists of remakes of 1950's product used by Hilary and Tenzing used during the first successful asent of Everest.



  2. Looks like my CDG cardigan, except with less ribbing. What's the quality like on this? Is it made out of wool?

    I got one of these in Basel on Thursday, I really like it. It's boiled wool I think, long sleeves that come half-way down the hands. Unfinished cuff and hem without ribbing.

    For something that cost 79 Euros the quality's fine.

  3. The scammers are easy to spot; generally the property they list is too good to be true (a studio in Mayfair for £120 per week...) and they ask for money before you've seen the flat "because they I outside London and want to make sure that you're a genuine applicant"

    As I mentioned before if you want to find a good flat in London then you'll have to come to London to look for one. If you go through an agency then you'll end up paying a lot, lot more.

  4. I'm just moving from Westbourne Park, where I've been for the last four years, to Finsbury Park. I've finally found a flat having spent a month scouring Gumtree. I looked at places in De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, Hackney Wick, Finsbury Park, Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Stokey and the places I've seen have ranged from fucking horrible:

    Me: "I'm interested in a studio you've got advertised in Stoke Newington for £120 a week"

    Wanker: "Yep, wonderful location; only one problem, there's no natural light but the landlady has really made an effort. I can see it being perfect for someone that doesn't spend much time at home"

    Me: "I'm not a chicken" hang-up phone...

    To really good, I'd suggest coming to London for a week and viewing as many flats as possible as the quality of accommodation really varies...

  5. this thread needs more pics/vids of you guys riding. i havent bmx'd since 9th or 10th grade, but my roommate is planning on getting a bike so i might get back into it also.

    A photo from a roadtrip round Europe last summer; Carhartt warehouse Weil Am Rhein.


    Photo by Fred Murray

  6. For me at least, a Chris King headset was a decision about getting the best out there, with a ridiculous warranty, and never having to worry about it. Am I hardcore enough for it to be a performance issue? No. But, it's the best headset made according to most riders, and it's known for being bulletproof and long lived. As someone who uses my bicycle every day for commuting, shopping, fitness and fun, that's easily worth a bit of a premium.

    oh, current state of my ride (damn, I want to ride it already):

    Just a short note about Chris King headsets, I brought one seven years ago. It's spent time on my road bike, cross bike, a mountain bike and has been on my BMX for the last couple of years. I've never replaced the bearings and I've bent three sets of bars on my BMX over this period, the headset still works perfectly. Though initially expensive I think they represent good value.

  7. The sleeves are quite long for a medium but given that you're six three I think that you'll need the large.

    The jacket certainly has a sheen to it but it's not waxed. I thought that this might be due to it being a polycotton blend. Having checked the label which says 100% cotton this isn't the case. The sheen is probably due to the tightness of the weave, (kind of like ventile) either that or it's been mercerized.

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