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  1. iceland is beautiful and reykjavik is a very cool town. it's also definitely an expensive town. hotels get pricey during tourist season so check out hostels and whatnot. the closer you are to laugavegur the better - thats where the shopping, bars, etc are mainly concentrated.

    as far as food, i mostly ate seafood while i was there because it was pretty much all great quality. they also have good lamb. food is expensive though - if you want to save money, hit up a bonus supermarket or live on hot dogs or pizza.

    as far as shopping is concerned, there are some cool boutiques and whatnot but they are ridiculously expensive. dont buy anything you can get at home.

    rvk is a great town to party in - friday and saturday nights you will see the entire town out on laugavegur - things dont really kick off til after midnight. get started by hitting up vin bud (official liquor stores) because drinks in bars can deflate your wallet quickly.

    everyone i met in rvk was super friendly and spoke fluent english. the concentration of good-looking honeys is also higher than most places ive been. maybe i just got lucky on the nights i was out, but i think everyone is just beautiful there.

    as far as things to see in rvk...any tourist book will probably tell you the main shit. the view from the top of hallgrimskirkja is cool.

    the only other towns i went to in iceland were akureyri (the "reykjavik of the north" - not terribly much worth seeing there but it's a pretty chilled town) and husavik (tiny whaling town on the northern coast, home to the iceland phallological museum and a very cool cultural center. downside: the whole town reeks of dead sea creatures)

    speaking of dead sea creatures, make sure to try some hakarl (chase with a shot of brennivin and a pint)

    im too lazy to type anything else right now but yeah iceland is definitely a good time.

  2. if you are even asking this question, there is probably little point in bringing the dslr. but if you do decide to bring the dslr, bring the p+s also, it's not like it'll take up that much more space, and worst case, if you decide not to use the dslr, you can get a locker somewhere and stash it until you leave.

  3. do not wear a shiny silver suit to your medical school interviews. if you want to be different, wear a desaturated olive/moss green kinda color. everyone wears grey, navy, or black - a typical pack of interviewees walking around on a tour of the facilities looks like a dark cloud.

    and yes, shave. in fact, as far as your appearance is concerned, looking clean is way more important than the cut or quality of your clothing. most doctors dress like shit anyway.

  4. at that age level i think just getting them to shoot a lot is the most important thing. you might want to have a final project where they have to organize a certain minimum number of photos around a theme of their choosing, but beyond that they should just be encouraged to take cameras everywhere, so they can learn what kinds of things they like to photograph, how to use their camera, etc.

    it may be asking a little much of the younger kids, but i think it would also be good to try to get them to critique each other - learning how to tactfully and effectively give and receive feedback from your peers is an important skill, and elementary/middle school age kids arent given much opportunity to practice it. for example perhaps you could have each student pick one photo each week to present to the group - they talk about why they like it, what it depicts etc, and then their classmates can comment.

  5. im pretty sure theres at least a couple of icelanders here...i need someone to send me a copy of the newest forgotten lores album 'fra heimsenda'. i want the actual physical cd and am having trouble finding somewhere to purchase it online...i will pay cost + shipping + 20% for your trouble. contact me via pm here...thanks so much for any help.

  6. This title alone has kept Gainax relevant as an anime studio in the last 10 years. Saw Pillows at Pianos in NYC 2 years ago. Awesome live band. They're playing Knitting Factory later this year.

    But yea, the style and art is incredible. Storytelling broke down at the end in typical Gainax fashion, but damn what a ride.

    they dont seem to be on the knitting factory calendar yet...they played there last year but where did you hear about them playing there this year?

  7. totally agreed on getting away from the east side...theres some real gems in federal hill/souf side/etc...theres this one dessert place in fed hill, wish i could remember the name...im not a big dessert person and this stuff was no joke (mainly italian desserts as you might expect for the neighborhood)

    as far as east side is concerned, fakes better be at least somewhat believable, cutting out a piece of a cereal box and writing 'i am 21' on the back doesnt cut it anymore at most places...even liquid lounge is more hardcore now and that place used to let in 17 year olds visiting brown

  8. YES bagel gourmet breakfast burritos are king...when i visited prov recently i made sure to get a breakfast burrito w/o meat from there, and some tom yum goong from sawaddee...

    loui has been dead for many years if i am not mistaken. i am pretty sure the restaurant is still open, but not 100% sure since i didnt get a chance to stop by. in my opinion that is not the kind of place you go for the food...it's all about the super cheap prices and the early hours.

    for anyone living nearby the east side now - have you tried the pho place thats supposedly where asian paradise (retch, vomit, etc) used to be?

  9. hey, does anyone know if the pancake place, i think on wickendon is still around? they had the best pancakes i've ever had. also, if you could beat the owner in speedchess, he'd pay for your meal.

    also, what was that diner that was owned by the really, really old yoda looking guy? they would open really early and i would go in there after partying or an all-nighter studying. the old guy would always lose his shit and scream at his family. best home fries i've ever had.

    1/ brickway on wickenden... yeah i believe it's still around, but honestly i think their breakfast is overrated...

    2/ loui's?


    letting these go because i picked up a pair of cane 47s immediately after these and as a result these beautiful jeans havent been getting any love...

    these were ordered from context, and i tried them on once and then hung them up. they are totally new, raw, never seen water, etc. they're a relaxed cut that is awesome for dudes with larger thighs, or for when you need to give your testicles a break from your dior 19cm or whatever.

    tagged size 30x33, measurements:

    waist 16.25"

    front rise 12"

    knee 10"

    leg opening 9.5"

    comes with denim repair kit (the silver thing on the belt loop), which contains an extra donut button, extra rivet, and squares of denim and pocket bag cloth. the bottom part is also a thimble, i believe. i dont want to take it apart to verify the contents because it's all neatly packed together right now, but everything in it is exactly as i received it.


    these sell for $265 before shipping at context.








    the last two pics are the best representation of the color.

    here's the context ald page if you want to see the fit:


    thanks for looking.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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