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  1. How does the gravity pocket work? Never figured it out...

    Pretty rubbish really, not crazy as it looks like in the acronym vid...

    Heres a pic of my jacket sleeve turned inside out - you'll get the idea!


  2. Think i'd be looking at $86 international for the w)taps vans to cover shipping the heavy box, and £30 shipped in the UK. People not wanting the box can get a discount on this!

    Would accept a buyer for the nbhd tee for around £34 shipped in the UK, around $80 international

  3. Thinking about selling these if there's any interest, would be shipping from UK, PM if anything takes your fancy:

    Vans x W)taps eras US10 UK9, pretty well worn as the pics show, fronts ok, but backs have a fair bit of denim bleed. Still got the box & bits for them.



    NBHD EU 'Bullseye' S/S tee size L

    Bought from norsestore, hardly ever worn it, maybe 5-6 times? I'd give it an 8/10.



    Visvim Skagway White / Brown US10 UK9

    Bought from Hideout at Easter, prob only worn about 5 times, pretty much immaculate apart from a little wear to the bottom of the Visvim signs at the back of the shoes, and the cream laces are a bit dirty. Boxed with bag / brown laces.

    pics to come shortly

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342