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  1. Uparmoured sales threads

    I mean, I get that they are divided by genre and also by clothing types, but seriously there are about 8 of them and I wish there was one. The bumping of them is making my brain hurt.

  2. I dunno I think I like Silent Majority much better than Capital... I got their CD for $5, last year in philly sometime at phila funk live when they played there...

    Overall, I think they are just 'Okay'

    Long Island has tons of great bands though over the years...

    I liked Silent Majority better, too - but, they definitely were solid live and I liked what I heard. Didn't buy a cd though because I'm a dick.

  3. I got caught in this rainstorm and now my jeans are all wet. I noticed that they smell real funky. Though they didn't when they weren't wet at all. How the hell am I supposed to get rid of the smell, besides washing? Or will it disappear when they're dry?

    1. You can air them out - sit them outside

    2. Put them in the freezer after they are dry

    People seem to get better results out of 1 than they do out of 2.

  4. you talking about these?


    i personally like the style of the mid-lengths, but i'd get the medallion (M) just because it's easier to store my cash monies.

    yeah those are the ones - i'm on the fence; BiG has the mid-length in available now so but I think I'd prefer the (M) size too. Decision, decisions...

    Still would like to see a picture of the mid-length being worn to get a better idea.

  5. These are my new Okinawa's, just got them so they are a teensy bit snug...but, I like them that way. These is some of my favorite feeling denim.

    The details are amazing

    -Fully lined backpockets with cool traditional style Japanese Koi fish artwork

    -The fabric in the front pockets is really nice

    -Warp threads up the A





    Hopefully, I look as menacing as possible

  6. When 'Atmosphere' started playing, i'll be honest, I almost got a little misty. You could definitely tell Debbie's part in writing it, as Ian was colder than cold to her.

    -Sam Riley was awesome; also thanks to IMDB, I found out he is dating the actress that played Annik

    -Also props to the Ian dance move impersonation by Sam Riley

    -The guys that played the members of JD apparantly played the songs in the film according to the music credits

    -The Killers cover in the credits made me want to barf

  7. whats the different in the 19cm to the 21cm in diors?

    anyone know?

    looking for a black pair of Diors and not sure if I need 19 or 21cm?

    Qouted from sXXXe:

    They refer to the measurement of the hem of the jeans when laid flat, at a certain size (more on that later). The 19cm jean is the tapered model, and the 21cm jean is more of a straight leg. There is also a 17cm model, but I've never seen them in the US.


  8. Lots more shrinkage to come. Hot wash them inside out, no spiN cycle, or give them at least 2 more hot soaks. Don't waste your time with "warm" anything.

    GimmeGimme is on point as always - you could also toss them in the dryer for about ten minutes after the hot wash and take them out while still damp for a hang dry to maximize the shrinkage. If you are going to do this, keep them inside out and line them along the drum of the dryer.

  9. My friend's band played with Capital the other night...I'd never heard them, but they were really good. Does anyone have their album 'Homefront'? Opinions?

    I really liked Silent Majority, which may be why I liked Capital.

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