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  1. RRL – slim straight, black, sz 29

    $65 < $60 < $50


    Waist: 16.5”

    Thigh: 11”

    Leg opening: 7”

    Inseam: 29.5”

    Too slim for me. Feel like tights on my legs. Pretty sweet all black denim and horsehide patch. Chainstitched at Blue in Green. From the cut and the tag size vs. actual waist size, I think these are meant to be worn low on the waist?




    Wings + Horns – tiger fleece hoodie, olive, sz. Small classic



    Shoulder to shoulder: 18"

    Pit to pit (top diamond): 22"

    Pit to pit (bottom diamond): 19"

    Sleeve: 25"

    Wore it a few times and washed it twice. In good condition. A little big for me.




    Nom De Guerre – Marine parka, grey, sz. Small



    Shoulders: 16.5”

    Chest: 20”

    Sleeve: 24.5”

    Length: 24”

    Got this from Nom De Guerre. Wore it no more than 5 times. A little tight in my armpits, high armholes. Retailed for something silly like $450 dollars.




  2. Sold and bought a bunch if stuff on here. Sending USPS priority from Philadelphia. Accepting paypal. Ebay username is Robotsrock if you want to check out feedback there as well.

    Common Projects – Achilles, grey leather, sz. 39

    $235 < $220 < $200

    Never worn, except trying them on in a carpeted room. Got them from Revolve and they’ve been sitting in a box, in the dustbag.




    Visvim – Shaker, blue suede, size (8)

    $325 < $300 < $275

    Got these from Yoox. They are a little snug. I wore them outside once and realized they weren’t working for me.




    Umbro x Kim Jones – Lo Woven, white and light blue

    $45 < $40 < $35

    Bought these on a whim on sale, wanted woven sneakers. Wore them once (walked around for a few hours) and again realized they weren’t working for me. Selling for what I paid.



    Clarks Wallabee – sand suede, size 6 or 6.5?

    $15 < $12 < $10

    Got these from a thrift store. Fairly certain these are made in Ireland which is why I gripped them. Regardless, they are too small (I wear a 7 in wallabees). I did have a the crepe soul replaced at my cobbler. Anyone that wants them can have them for what I paid.



  3. there really is no satisfactory answer I feel. Life posses you with new opportunities at every turn, whether or not you embrace them is the best answer I can give. Sometimes its best to just give into you wildest whims.

    Why does everyone one of their posts look like it was translated from Japanese using a Jerry Garcia translator?

    Generally my wildest whims aren't to thrash 300 dollar master crafted Japanese garments to make them look like the new Diesel wash, but to each their own i guess.

  4. If you've had jock itch, then you've had ring worm. WASH THE JEANS IMMEDIATELY. Wash your sheets. Wash the other clothes you've worn while you've had the worm. Don't scratch the worm. Wash your hands a lot. Either get some anti-fungal medication (ketoconazole does the trick) or an over the coutner jock itch/athlete's foot med. The worm is not be messed with.

    You don't want to wind up like this guy


  5. Did not realize there was a Philly thread till recently - I see dudes in Sam's and Fullcount's around...but they are my friends. I didn't realize so many people from the area posted on here.

    I would like to utilize the thread as a 'should I eat here/not eat here' tool. Anyone been to Nicolas? It's in Pennsport.

  6. i have love for philly. I will give you this, philly > nj.

    nyc is just something else. but dont you guys already have this debate ages ago?

    Most of US > NJ

    I'll say it, NYC is a headache. I long to be back in Philly after being in NYC for only one day.

  7. so since my favorite BYOB place Django's (4th and South) closed recently i went to try Pumpkin (17th and South) the other night and it was great. i'd definitely recommend it, you won't be disappointed.

    I live around the corner from this place. The owners also live nearby and are all about representing the neighborhood. Their deli has good sandwiches and the market they opened sells all locally grown fruit/vegetables and locally made food products (including Betty's tasty buttons fudge...awesome). I would also recommend their restaurant.

  8. I was not into El Vez the two times I went. And honestly, the appeal of high-end Mexican is kind of bewildering to me...I feel like it is an oxy moron, especially since there are so many good authentic Mexican spots (La Lupe...tacqueria veracruzana) and super good burrito spots (Taco Riendo...Jose's) that are much cheaper.

    On a total side note: I'm kind of a Craig Laban homer so I make it a point to try the three bell and higher restaurants. I'm not wealthy by any stretch, but food is an area where I shell out. Vetri's tasting pretty much blew my mind.

  9. All prices including shipping USPS priority with tracking.

    Feel free to offer. Sorry if you find the prices offensive, but I'm open to dialogue.

    Willing to set up an Ebay auction so you can save 25%.

    Also willing to work something out for those with retail discounts.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any additional questions.

    Air Max 1 Safari

    sz. 8


    -8/10. Got them used, wore them twice. Didn't wear them much because for some reason, I never wear my nice stuff to protect it. No OG box, but in a Nike box.





    -Nipples still in tact. No heel drag.

    Vans Authentic Wtaps

    sz. 7.5


    -VNDS. Worn once, in perfect condition. Again, sitting on my shoe rack not being worn because I like them so much. Includes box and original contents (dust bag, etc.)





    -close up to show no heel drag.

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