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  1. well fuck me sideways, the maratac pilot already sold out within the few hours/days it was up.

    You looking for the big pilot (44?) or the mid pilot (39). I just picked up the mid pilot the other day. Last I checked it's not sold out via County Comm.

  2. @Kiya, just out of curiosity, which dealers are you referring to?

    Also, have you had experience with the Rolex Authorized Service Center on Post? My Air King is acting up and I need to get an estimate on fixing it. Would prefer to go thru Rolex but if you've had any of your watches serviced by someone you trust in SF I'd love to know who they are before heading into the ASC.

  3. That is pretty high end. Granted, nice dress watches don't come cheap, but $4K isn't kid's watch money and Submariners and Panerais will be around forever (will one want one forever though?) a ss Dornblueth 99.1 for example would be a damn fine watch.

    For the record, didn't mean to neg this. Meant to +1 it.

  4. @funkdoobi

    I noticed you sold off your BR 123 Heritage (or at least I thought I saw the listing on WUS). Any reason for selling?

    I've tried one on a time or two and really like the round case and raised crystal. But wondered if you had issues or something that led you to slang it.

  5. I recently bought my first expensive watch.

    I chose a Rolex Submariner (no date). Admittedly common but not as faddish/GQ as an IWC (in my opinion) and more versatile.

    I removed the metal bracelet on day 1 and had a khaki nato strap while I waited for a custom leather band:

    Is that your watch? Or is that a photo you got elsewhere?

    I agree that something just isn't right. It's just not true to the heritage of the sub. Probably the same reason I'm not a huge fan of that regular oyster on a NATO a few pages back.

    I think it's cool to mix it up... but I'd stick with NATOs or the stock oyster bracelet if it were my Sub.

  6. No hate. But I just can't seem to get into that combination. I could see it on a multicolor/ribbon style strap like the one "the relativity" put on the Omega.

    But the nato just doesn't do that watch justice.

  7. That's cool but it just reminds me of putting an ipod shuffle on your wrist.

    For $5K?

    I'd rather have an automatic movement that was made with precision in Switzerland with high quality parts by a watchmaker than any electronic garbage made in Asia.

  8. Has anyone had any experience with Invicta watches?

    I've passed over a few Invicta watched before. Friends have had them. I've seen QVC slanging them on late night TV.

    They just rub me the wrong way. I feel like there are a lot of other options out there for the kind of money you'll spend on an Invicta watch.

    Seiko, Steinhart, Archimede, O&W, etc., etc.,

    There are quite a few Invicta enthusiasts on forums like Watchuseek but I'd say don't waste your money.

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