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  1. Yo I'm Exactly one page into a hero ain't nothing but a sandwich and I'm pretty confident this is the best book I've ever read. If you can find a dime store copy in whatever shitty used books store you frequent, it's probably gonna blow your mind

  2. Thank god cp is finally doing casual sneakers. I was finding it hard to incorporate all my formal sneakers into my wardrobe and kept thinking to myself " I wish these athletic shoes would embrace a more athletic aesthetic because they just aren't casual enough". Sometimes you don't want to look like youre playing in a black tie pick up game. You need that casual edge to your athletic shoe that let's other people know that, yes, I'm wearing sneakers, but no, it's not a big deal. Thank you common projects, you've truly made this gentlemans life easier.

  3. I was thinking violet hour. I'm gonna try and have dinner at l&e on new years day so I don't wanna hit it 2 nights in a row. I'll look into aviary. How long is he waits for longman on a busy night? Can you drink at the bar while you wait for a table or is the bar super rammed too?

  4. What's a good bar, not club, that I can hit after dinner on NYE? I'll be suited up cause were having dinner at a jacket required joint so I'd prefer a place that's tasteful and I won't feel overdressed and I do not want to wait in line for anything clubby. Any real high end cocktail bars or will I have to hit a hotel lounge?

  5. Also, Nelson George wrote a novel about illuminati hip hop conspiracy shit that suggests PAC was killed because he might have set off a civil rights revolution redux. It's so ducking naive and adorable that I'm buying every white person I know a copy for Christmas. If that sounds like your thing, check out the plot against hip hop. I found it at a radical black feminist bookstore Nd the clerk almost didn't sell it to me. That's how "real" shit is.

  6. Sup yallz. Been a while. I just came in hear to tell you that if you're not fucking with letham's the ecstasy of influence, you're fucking up big time. Especially since I know slot of you are Pomo lit nerds like me and don't know how to explain yourselves to classicists. The depth and scope of these pieces is way more impressive than anything else that is fun to read. His ability to literally mashup - and the term literal mashup is probably a 2x entendre I'm only able to compose because where this book has my head at - quotations from every pocket of lit/music/pop culture I've been cosuming for the past decade is like having someone make a condensed meal-bar that'll sustain you for weeks out of your favorite foods. This book is infinity books all at the same time and all in every single page. Letham was one of my favorite contemporary novelists and I've just decided he's a better cultural theorist than a fiction writer. Seriously, this thing is a monster.

  7. The shrimp grits were one of the best dishes I've had in recent memory. Had it not been preceded by one of the worst dishes, then followed by a completely mediocre course, I might be more excited to go back. I think I'll just call a cornbread order in.

  8. Sup y'all's. In town over new years. Need recommendations for bars. With my girl. We got some places were gonna do for 1 or 2 fancy meals but we need some good street food/lower mid price easy but delicious joints. Food is usually what we nerd out on most while traveling. Just to give you an idea of what were looking for, last nye we went to new York and hit del posto, Balthazar, momofuku, Katz, and some Mexican brunch spot I don't remeber the name of.

    Shopping for mens and womens recs would also be appreciated.

    Probly gonna book a BNB in wicker park unless I hear a better idea.

    Any leads?

  9. Don't drink at the drake unless your really hurtin for ideas.

    Black hoof cocktail bar for chillin nights, beaconsfield on weekdays, stay on Dundas over the weekend for slightly less offensive nightlife. Camp 4/unlovable/etc. But if you're a raging d-bag, you'll love anything queen/lower ossington on a Saturday.

    In other news, who's been to Chicago lately? I'm going over new years for the first time and I need some advice.

  10. BDJ: can you post a tutorial on your bookshelf? I been wanting to do one of those but anyone I know who's done it has had an easier space for it. Your flooring is laminate, not hardwood, correct? Did you screw right into it? Is the shelving anchored to wall at any poin or just floor and ceiling? I can go into my ceiling but I don't know if I want to hit my floors cause it's a rental and it'll probably cost me my deposit.

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