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  1. columbia product serves a purpose as does wal-mart. The quality is ok but that is relative. If you take into account thread counts,face fabrics etc it's nowhere near top. If you like the look go for it but if you want to customize why not buy an arc'teryx it's just as easy to cutomize and you will have a product that works no question. There are a lot of different softshell fabrics out there also some are simply shells others have different weight fleece bonded to the face fabric. Look for the tag, Schoeller and Polartec make the best and have many weights.

  2. I can understand people wantin' the pro look even the non-users but a lot of people are shelling out for what they think is the best and even with companies like TNF they at least get a lifetime guarantee. More times than not the style is stale for them before it ever wears out and they stop wearing it. I have returned 15yr old jackets to TNF for customers just because the color faded,no joke! and they were sent a freshie new style no charge. Now TNF is by no means close to the best but outerwear companies can't risk the bad word of mouth and they suck it up for the few cheap asses that want to return 15yr old shite. As for the Land rovers I wish I had one but for the city folk---GET A BIKE

  3. What I saw at recent trade shows for next spring is preppy to the highest level not just the polo but blazing bright colors and it is a hip hop cross over with cuts and lengths. OBEY, QuicksilverEdition,Fred Perry,ellwood,Victorinox. Brands from all kinds of backgrounds are hittin' plaid,argyle etc... in a prep way. Hey temple maybe do an argyle in an abstract not all super clean lines make it distressed and more street style or use odd angles with it. I did buy argyle for spring ship for my shop

  4. I think companies should support the boutiques that got them started in the first place is all

    I'm saying. Growth is inevitible(sic?) once a company hits the dept store they have to be carefull. A lot of companies don't sell their complete lines to them and let small shops carry more unique hard to find or limited product and I think everyone on this site agrees because you don't want some chump to stumble upon something in the dept store because that can kill a look or a style or a brand for that matter. It has happened too many times. Think of all the brands that lost their cache because they slutted themselves out and left their core customers behind completely. Then these companies get bought and 10yrs down the line it's reissued as a retro cool brand again, some pull this off well but most suck at it. As far as markup diesel is the same as everyone,no raping goin'on

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