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  1. CW-X is Coolmax and Lycra Baselayer performance wear designed with a "conditioning web"

    for knee support and reduces muscle fatigue.

    I ski and cycle in them all the time

    made by wacoal sports

  2. Like B-Hundreds said HUSTLE IT. If you are passionate enough and don't get discouraged

    then the word gets out. Def hand out some promo product but only to people you respect

    and want to represent. If you put together a line and not just a hobby showing then talk

    w/retailers about what they suggest and who they would suggest repping your product

    If you can get a corner in a show room or have a rep schlep around some of your product

    with the lines they make a living from you are bound to get sales or feedback on why it does'nt sell. Be a PRO have a line sheet,Biz cards,Credit apps and a mission statement

    so you don't lose focus on what you started and where your goin'. I see a lot of crap in the

    industry every year and very very few make it. Those who stick to it year in and year out

    even when they don't make a penny eventually hit on something that makes them some

    coin. All it takes is one Hit and your legit. If this is for your friends and family then keep it

    fun. Just know what it takes to be a pro and if you want it for real.

  3. Krack--You asked what is the warmest down jacket out there and I assume you want one

    that is warmer than your nuptse. If that is the case Mtn Hardwear SubZeroSL 650down fill

    and is waterproof $275.00 it also has a downfilled hood unlike the nuptse.

    this jacket is the PUFF of PUFF jackets. You can get 800fill jackets for 8000meter use but

    you can barely walk in those or see your toes.

  4. I own one and I like it. Fit is pretty standard maybe a little on the large side

    warmth is standard too. make sure to wash it before wearing. It does shed

    but after a spell in the dryer it was fine. Definately unique got a few comments

    last night on it.

  5. I generally like to focus on the positive but can't deny I cringe at--

    Bandana F*cking do-rags


    Fat chicks in short shirts

    Blingin' out cheap cars

    Close talkers




    Religious right

    rich people who spend poorly

    war in Iraq

    Health care in US

    airlines charging for my surfboard

    celebrity gossip crap

  6. Krak- I know what you mean about the cold it is puking snow as we speak more than an inch

    already. As far as the fleece layer you have a ton of options. If you want Arc'teryx.

    1. Easy rider Jacket-Warmest fleece jacket they make non-Gore $275.00

    2. Gamma SV jacket- also non -Gore but warm $250.00

    3. Apache AR Zip pullover fleece $125.00

    4. Covert Zip pullover fleece $120.00

    etc..etc..etc... You can also get one of their numerous windstopper jackets as a layer

    and be able to wear it on it's own quite a bit. also check out the Flip Jacket and Compressor

    jackets from MTN. HARDWEAR they are synthetic fill and work awesome as a layer and

    stand alone pieces Super Warm.

  7. Just curious if anyone has the classic Pendelton wool flannels. I am not

    talking about the southwesty lookin crap but the old school plaids that

    were huge with the surfer set in the sixties. I have one my father wore

    in High school in the 50's and a couple from my father in law same time

    period and they look brand new! unreal quality and American company.

    Granted not the city look but not the lumberjack guy either. Great for


  8. The Burton MarkXIII line has a lot of sweet high end jackets not just the Paul Smith

    collab.Trench Jacket,Wooly Jacket,Cocktail Jacket and the Downtown Jacket which

    looks like a double breasted W/Fur on the hood and is equipted w/Bluetooth. sorry I

    Can't post pics of them and I don't have them in the shop yet

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342