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  1. Jay

    A color photo line sheet w/ colorway,sizes,prices and ship dates will suffice.

    Maybe consider volume discounts. 4% off for $3,000.00 or whatever If a buyer

    gets close to that dollar amount they may bump the order to achieve a measley

    discount. Not usually good practice as a buyer but a lot will take the bait.

    As far as terms are concerned I would recommend you get at least a generic

    credit app and have it filled out before shipping so don't press it at the buy

    just slip it in w/the line sheet. I would only accept terms for orders over a

    certain dollar amount ($1000.00?) most shops understand you don't have

    much budget so COD is fine for small orders but you don't ever have to

    give more than net30 for ready to wear product. In the outdoor industry I

    can get up to 120days but thats because I'm at a resort area and the biz

    is seasonal.

    A dealer packet is great to have ready to hand out!

    just include everything in a folder w/your logo on it.

    line sheet,Biz card,credit app. etc..

    A lot of buyers have appointments to be to but might poke their head in on their

    way to another booth if you can hand them a packet they may come back and

    sit through a showing. That's why color photo line sheets are nice to have also.

  2. Good call on splitting the booth. I have a shop and attend for buying it's one of about 5 trade

    shows I usually go to.

    If you did the purchasing/tradeshow thing then you know the drill. But as a buyer I get annoyed with those who are unprepared to do biz. A few suggestions.

    Have plenty of line sheets to give out not everyone will write an order at the table and a good

    line sheet to refer to later has a better chance of bringing in orders.

    Biz cards a must. you'd be surprised how many people run out.

    Maybe some swag. Your call, but for the new guys givin away a handfull of product gets you

    exposure around the world at this show to the most fashion tuned people out there. even if

    the buyer does'nt like it he may give it to an employee who will rock it in the shop. I know

    money is probably tight but a dozen or two shirts goes a long way.

    Help out the others in the booth when people dig their stuff. They will return the favor.

    keep it fun and network with reps. If you can get your product in a showroom in LA/NY

    it's on and your bound to grow your sales.

  3. Jay Allen don't take what I said so personal. Your product is the stuff that goes the

    extra mile and I like it! I used to run a screen shop a long time ago and I know how

    easy screenprinting is and I know it is a lot less labor intensive today than it was

    15-20yrs ago. What you are doing is obviously nothing like the production/assembly

    line stuff I was refering to. Dye processes are intense without room for error.

    As for my asking for something new, I'm not talking about couture runway unfunctional

    clothing. I want something comfortable but with a more unique take on fabrics,appliques

    or freshness. It happens all the time. I was just throwin out an idea to those that produce

    a generic T with a basic screened graphic. I'm not hating on T-shirt companies anyone

    who puts out a product/creates gets my respect.

  4. Not my thing. but good on ya for producing.

    Just wondering if anyone here knows the difference in producing screenprint apparel

    and what it takes (Time,effort,money,talent) to do cut and sew.

    The reason we have so many T-shirt companies out there is that it's considerably

    more difficult to produce Pattern made product.

    I assume most (not all) people starting out have aspirations to produce original

    clothing but don't have the means to do so yet and are hoping to get their foot in

    the door and pour all their $ back into their "Clothing line" in order to reach a level

    that includes an entire collection.

    That being said I also think most of these companies suck and don't last for a reason.

    A couple of graphics in my opinion do not make a clothing line there are multiple

    avenues to get your name out and I'd like to see some real creativity other than

    just a graphic on a T and embroidered hat.

    To have private label product made is easy, to have something unique can be also

    but people seem to be in a rut and are following like sheep. Private label companies

    will accomodate your ideas and can put your designs on products outside the norm

    for surprisingly affordable costs If you can come up with the idea/execution.

    You don't have to go to Asia and work it out yourself.

    Huge props to anyone creating but Damn let's see something new. PLEASE.

  5. Not Hating,Repeat Not Hating just asking.

    Why are so many people still into The North Face?

    So many other/better options on the market.


    Mtn Hardwear



    And the list goes on.

    I definately think the quality is fine and some of the designs are too

    but this company has been sold and slutted out so hard

    you used to be able to buy it in CostCo for gods sake and you can

    still get it at Dept stores. Go to a REAL outdoor store and see what

    your missing. Again if you really dig it then cool. I just want you to

    know that their are options that are more technically and for Mtn stuff

    more stylely than TNF. I am not laughing at anyone who wears it. I still rock some very old stuff too.

  6. Was Pacsun around then? I did the buying for surf shops in the mid-late 80's and this

    is bringing back crazy memories, mostly of the kook clothing but lots of others that

    continue on, what others do you recall?






    Maui and sons

    Too funny!!Good Times Laughing at the tourist trying so hard to look "local"

  7. No offense Thomas but hip packs are very lame IMO very much a midwest geriatric tourist

    look here in the states even if it's Gucci. I understand the no room in the pockets thing but

    why don't you get a clean messenger bag? J Fold makes some very nice leather ones or

    make sure your jacket has some good pockets.

    For the love of god don't do the hip pack!!! PLEASE!!!!

  8. Toronthoe your a hater simple as that every one of your 8 posts are crap

    why are you coming down on everything and everyone?

    feedback is one thing but your just bitter and no help to anyone.

    I'm sure you have some snide remark to this but you can take

    your nineteen year-old ass somewhere else.

    I'm sure I am not alone on this.

  9. I definately think a seperate buy/sell forum should be created.

    Anyone should be able to post info on their new company and

    they deserve every bit of feedback they deserve- Good and bad

    these threads have been some of the most interesting by far.

    Deleting threads should only happen to those that become serious

    hate forums (excepting "new brand what do you think?" threads

    they asked for it) but off subject and racist shit should be tossed.

    For the most part, All are welcome and the users here should police

    this site themselves--don't feed the fire on shit threads!!

    Be unto others and this forum will continue to thrive with relevent, informative

    and hopefully some funny insights. Let's not have this turn into teen angst.

  10. Hating on skaters? wow that's something new.

    It started out as any other fun sport then the haters came along

    not understanding why these kids don't chase a ball

    rebellion ensued and authority was chasing us out of ditches.

    why are you concerned about a ditch? Oh yeah, liability and

    law suits. Being put on the wrong side of the law for such minor

    infractions still makes you against the man and so bred a culture

    of rebellion,punk,skate and destroy. I've been skating since the

    70's and though I don't do it as often I will never feel reassured

    when I see a badge. As for style do you think Duane Peters and

    Tony Hawk dress alike?

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