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  1. Folks the groupbuy is currently going on. Check the denimbro website for sizing information. There was some more denim found so we can open it up to more than 15 pairs. If you want to see the denim then check the denimbro site for pics of my jean jacket made of the same loomstate stuff.

  2. I actually ended up speaking with them over the phone eventually, and they didn't put forth any effort or attempt to help me.

    Mister Freedom is a staff of 4-5, and that includes Christophe. So being understaffed isn't an excuse in my book.

    I love the folks at Mister Freedom and they are by far the easiest folks to deal with. They remember me by name, ask how my son is doing and all that good stuff. I can't say enough about them. Not to excuse Rising Sun's lack of customer service, but they don't really have a store front, like MF does. What they have is more of a factory where you can schedule a time to check out some stuff. Of course some of the their more prestigious clientele get the red carpet treatment. Nevertheless, their customer service does leave something to be desired. If they don't want you to buy stuff out of their Los Angeles factory, then don't put "contact us regarding this item" in their blog posts.

  3. The first version will be Japanese chambray, long sleeve, two chest pockets, deadstock buttons, and wild details as expected from Roy. Should be out September 15th or so. No idea on price. Comes in S to XL.

    This is good news. I have been hoping for this for some time.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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